Just four months after Anderson Silva’s horrific leg break at UFC 169 one other mixed martial artist has suffered a similar fate; but in a kickboxing match.

Tyrone Spong is undefeated in his short MMA career with two wins to his name, but he is also an elite kickboxer with over eighty fights in his record. Earlier today Spong was looking for his seventy-fifth professional win by trying to avenge his 2009 loss to Gohan Saki.

However, things never came close to anything he had planned.

Midway through the first round of their light-heavyweight title fight, Saki checked a hard leg kick from his opponent resulting in Spong snapping his shin and falling to the floor in agony. A truly horrible sight and something which nobody would have wanted, not even Saki who took home the Glory world title.

A gif of the injury can be seen below courtesy of Zombie Prophet: