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Tyron Woodley Says Horrendous Commentary From Joe Rogan Was Biased Towards Carlos Condit


Tyron Woodley was victorious in his fight against ‘The Natural Born Killer’ at UFC 171, but his parade seems to have been dampened by the fact that Carlos Condit sustained an injury during their fight. Some fans and media outlets are of the opinion that the ending to the bout was somewhat indecisive.

As with Anderson Silva vs. Chris Weidman II, the ending to the bout has proved to be a big discussion point. Although, ‘The Chosen One’ feels he dominated the early goings, and that the injury was a direct result of his takedown on Condit. T-Wood has been very vocal in his displeasure of the common opinion, but now sets his sights on color commentator Joe Rogan.

Check out what Woodley had to say on the situation to MMAMental:

“It’s almost like they’re punishing you for training hard, They’re punishing you for being physically fit. I think Joe Rogan is horrendous for his commentary that he did for that fight. Everything was, ‘Oh, Tyron threw a hard bomb but Carlos took it. He’s got such a great chin. Oh, Tyron has a takedown. Look at Carlos. He’s doing the mission impossible guard [mission control].’ Everything that I did he was leaning it towards the credit of Carlos Condit.”

I’m not quite sure that Rogan was leaning towards Condit in his role as commentator, but observing ‘NBK’ over so many years of wars has helped form the opinion that JR has. Is it not true that Condit has a great chin? Having never (technically) been finished by strikes, I think Rogan’s assessment of Condit’s durability is sound.

“I think sometimes when you watch a fight and you listen to the commentary you can kind of veer the spectators, and hopefully not the UFC, in directions it shouldn’t be going. “I was not in any harm or any danger at any point in the fight. My cardio felt great and it was even in my gameplan to increase the level in the third round. I wasn’t even at full speed. People say, ‘He started off hard! He started off in a full sprint!’ I didn’t even start off in a full sprint. If they think that’s a full sprint for me, then I’m happy with it because they haven’t seen a full sprint yet.”

Whether or not Rogan’s comments were unfounded, I can’t see how they would change the perception of how the fight went. The bout was a TKO win for Woodley and he should move on from it. He finds himself in a very promising position in the welterweight division, but getting tied up in beefs with longstanding UFC reps like Rogan probably won’t score ‘The Chosen One’ any brownie points.

Check out the full video interview below, and stay tuned to LowKick.com!

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  • Rogan has been accused of this before, I think sometimes they stick on 1 fighter more than the other but that's just how it goes. They break down 1 fighter and then the other or back and forth unless the fight has constant action. I think Rogan does a great job. I also think this fight wasn't 1 of the fights where I've heard even the slightest bit of commentating that I thought was not crediting moves by 1 fighter. Sour grapes because alot of people are taking away from his win and he's mad at everyone. Personally I like Woodley I think hes a monster and he's going to stay around the top for quite some time. I felt like I was robbed of the best fight on the card when Condit went down how he did. While I don't take away from Woodley that he was winning to that point that fight was about to really take off. I don't know how it would have went from there but no doubt about it Woodley was game for Condit.

    • There are some fighters that Joe Rogan seems to favor. He likes people with a technical striking style and those with a good BJJ game, but I think that's because he himself has a pair of black belts Tae Kwon Do and BJJ. He probably enjoys fighters with a similar skill set to his own, and he's certainly more knowledgable about their styles as well. Condit is set up a fighter with the very skills that Rogan likes most.

      That said it's not total favoritism. Rogan has said many times that the number one base for MMA is wrestling. He also hates referee stand ups and thinks that wrestlers should be allowed to work from the top if they choose or against the clinch if they have dominant control and aren't stalling. I think he's generally pretty fair.

    • I heard what Tyron is hearing. Rogan was questioning the cardio of a professional fighter with a WRESTLING background who is the former Strikeforce champion. Bruce Buffer gave Condit a MUCH bigger intro too. Watch it again. Rogan also didn't highlight the heavy right hands at first until Mike did. He was too busy waxing lyrical over Condit. I don't think race is an issue by the way…and even if it was it wouldn't make a difference. Bias is bias.

      • Well.. he WAS fatigued, he was slowing down, i don't care how much of a wrestling background he has and for your info, he was never Strikeforce champ. Nate Marquart knocked Woodley the fuck out in the title fight for the Strikeforce belt… and yes Condit got a much bigger intro from Buffer cause he's a MUCH bigger star and he's the former Interim Champ, that stands for something…. any big UFC star, especially former champs get bigger intro's, that's nothing new and that's not bias, it's respect for one's accomplishments in the sport. Oh and those heavy hands you're talking about? Condit walked through them, like Woodley was throwing pillows at him, so i hardly think it was worth commenting about.

        Rogan never really shows favor for fighters, he actually always tries to say something good about each and every fighter, to "sell" them to the vieuwer and share information about them to let the fans get to know them better. Some fighter's however don't have much of a story. So if the fight is boring and Rogan's using a "filler" story, to distract the fans from the un-entertaining MESS that's going on, he will talk about the fighter he has something to say about, breakdown techniques or suggest game plans.

  • At least he didn't accuse Rogan of being a racist. Because that would have made as much sense as a black man voting for Barack Obama just because he was black.

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      • Shit attempt at an intelligent/inappropriate joke.

        • They guy mentioned Obama. It's not my fault Obama is a complete incompetent country killing fool. It's also not my fault that when someone disagrees with him, people like you get all racist name calling. You're full of shit Bads STFU. You're a racist in my view for simply taking the joke as a racist attack when it clearly wasnt. Idiot. I guess you see it as inappropriate because you have an IQ of 50?

          • You either have to be completely stupid to think Obama is a good president…

            or just black…

  • Rogan is biased and often by his comments during a fight, lights a fire of controversy that often should not be. It

    • He'll sing the praises of one fighter, while ignoring the other. Case in point: first Stephen Thompson fight in the UFC. 98% bragging about Thompson with a "See what I mean"? at the end of the fight….total disregard for the other fighter.

  • I think Rogan is the best commentator in the game and its badly obvious when hes missing on the fx cards and we get stuck with Florian and Anik who sound almost the same.

    At the end of the day it was one of those fluke injuries that lead to the end of the fight and not Woodley beating him. Maybe he could have finished in the third, but maybe Condit would have too so until next time…

    • Mir should commentate on the FX cards, he's quite good in my opinion.

      • Akieyugames, I agree to the fullest. I'm in noooo way a Frank Mir fan. When he commentated on WEC I thought he was 1 of the best. Kenny Florian SUCKS as a commentator his voice is annoying and he wasn't even close to what Frank Mir was for the UFC.

  • Jesus what a crybaby. You won by a fluke. We're slowing down and Condit did do well from the bottom which is another viable fighting position. Especially as good of a ground fighter as Condit. Woodley looked good but not that good. Sounds like he wants to take over John jones as the biggest crybaby.

  • Woodley you won don't worry about who said what… Makes you look guilty when you try to legitimize your win…

    • is there anything as a "sharp cookie"? or is it just you?

  • Sorry but this dude is just …… well ….. i don't like him so far. I mean…… you know……I mean compared to….., and also his achievements so far……+ his style and well……. – right?

  • Woodley is looking awesome. Carlos already proved he is awesome. Rogan is the best at his job by far. It is very hard to curb every word you mention to be 50/50 for any fight. Rogan I am sure pulls for his favorites but he does not in my opinion put that accross in his comments. I have found myself almost always agreeing with him, he is sound.

  • I think he's been hanging out with Jon Jones too much.

    • "in any harm or any danger at any point in the fight."
      Im not so sure about that, if Carlos didnt slip that triangle on a slam, it would have been game over.

      • If Adam didn't fuck Eve, we all wouldn't be here…. Yet, we are! All 7,2 Billion of us!

  • Guy is just talking too much IMO. He's setting himself up for a big fall mark my words.

  • Poor insecure Tyron. Wait did he just say mission impossible guard? Why do I feel bad for him again?