Tyron Woodley Plans On Beating Josh Koscheck To The Punch

Tyron Woodley Plans On Beating Josh Koscheck To The Punch


Tyron Woodley is, for all intents and purposes, a mirror image of his UFC 167 opponent, Josh Koscheck. “The Chosen One” is a high level wrestler with power, who has adapted his skill set to that of mixed martial arts and with considerable success.

The similarities are such, that if we compare both fighters’ records over their first 13 fights, the duo went 11 & 2, apiece; Saturday night’s bout being Woodley’s 14th professional fight. For the record, Koscheck lost his 14th match; Thiago Alves, UFC 90.

As to what fans might expect from Woodley on the 16th, his game plan appears to be one of beating Koscheck to the punch; to not wait on him. The Chosen One appreciates that Kos has power and that he’s a heck of a wrestler and as such, he feels that he must be first in the exchanges.

Of all the bouts on the card, this match may well end up being one of the more entertaining ones. As fans know, Koscheck is generally an aggressive fighter, always in shape, likes to take chances and could well be fighting for his job. For his part, Woodley knows that last fight and loss (Jake Shield UFC 161 in June) was a mind numbingly boring affair, and one that was harangued by UFC President Dana White post-fight. On this point Woodley appears to have gotten the message and knows that he needs to make sure that “fans continue to see the aggressiveness” that he has demonstrated in his career, but has yet to be consistent with.

All in all, Woodley / Koscheck should be another great fight on a truly great card.

Video courtesy of the UFC

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