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Tyron Woodley Reacts To Covington’s Controversial Brazil Callout


In the co-main event of last night’s (Oct. 29, 2017) UFC Fight Night 119 from Brazil, Colby Covington established himself as a legitimate welterweight contender, scoring a decision victory over former title challenger Demian Maia.

After the fight, Covington once again elected to call out 170-pound champion Tyron Woodley, while also controversially insulting the Brazilian people, but “The Chosen One” wasn’t impressed with “Chaos”:

Covington has repeatedly taken shots at Woodley via social media, and although his win over Maia was a pivotal one, he’s likely a fight or two away from a title shot.

Woodley has been out of action since scoring a one-sided decision victory over Maia this past July at UFC 214. After the bout, he revealed that he had suffered an injury and would need some time off.

He’s next expected to take on the winner of the upcoming bout between Robbie Lawler and Rafael dos Anjos, which will take place on Dec. 16, 2017 in Winnipeg, Canada.

  • Murderous1

    Big mouth + disrespect = Brain Damage August 26th 2017

    • HeteroFriendly

      For which one?
      I know anglish aint your first language but you’re gonna have to be more specific which one you think has the bigger more disrespectful mouth.

      I might not agree with everything colby colvington says, but he already said that he’s hamming it up a bit on purpose.

      tyrone actually believes his own rude bullsiht.
      He meant that isht.

      Which could be excusable,
      the just ignorant defense.

      Or even worse.
      He’s the genuinely offensive article.

      • Murderous1

        I was specific when I wrote August 26th 2017 the day a part of you died when the last big mouth disrespectful clown got Brain Damage and why are you talking to me Google says your name means you have brown teeth your kind is not welcome here

        • JamesC

          no disrespect, but I have no idea what you are talking about

          • Murderous1

            It’s all good man what I’m saying is Google that guy’s name or whatever it wants to call itself I really don’t associate with his kind and he is a proud being a KKK racism is weak and a waste of time and energy

          • RayFromDa Bay

            Yeah fuck that Colby punk! Trump got all these racist gassed up.

      • JamesC

        How has T-Wood been disrespectful. A guy ranked #7 who has only beaten 1 guy in the top 10 and didn’t look great doing it. Who has only 1 UFC finish and lost to a guy named Warley Alves in the UFC was calling him out. He just gave him some perspective. Think of what T-Wood had to do to get a title shot. Covington has come close to that. Maybe 2 wins over top 10 guys then as Dana says “he is in the mix”.

  • JamesC

    You are all missing the point. I doubt Colby believes what he is saying. In WWE language he was doing a work. He was working the crowd to get heat and hype. He does this so he can get more money and more opportunities.

    I don’t particularly care for it, especially when it is clearly contrived, but given that a guy like Demetrius Johnson gets nowhere being a nice guy and Connor, Sonnen, Cerrone, Diaz bros, and Ortiz etc. have become superstars because of their personalities. It make sense to act this way. It’s almost mandatory now. And with the UFC promoting guys like that more and their being more fighters to stand out you need to do this