A pair of attendees to last night’s UFC 169 card in Newark, New Jersey, were attacked, by knife, inside the Prudential Center venue during the evening’s event.

The incident, as confirmed by the Newark police and reported by nj.com, took place in the stands and roughly before eight p.m., with the victims being identified as two males from the state of Pennsylvania; their names were not released.

Newark Police Director Samuel DeMaio stated that the victims had been transported to University Hospital and that the pair hadn't sustained any life threatening injuries.

Subsequent to the assaults, venue security arrested a 36 year old male that hails from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Angel Pereira and have also recovered a knife, which they believe to have been the weapon used in the attacks. It was not stated as to whether or not the knife was found on Pereira person or at some other location.

No information has been released regarding the events that led up to the incident.