Twitter Reaction To Werdum vs. Browne

Twitter Reaction To Werdum vs. Browne


Fabricio Werdum cemented his position as the No.1 contender in the heavyweight division after dominating Travis Browne in the main event at UFC on Fox 11 and set himself up for a showdown with the champ; Cain Velasquez.

The win came as no real shock with Werdum being an elite heavyweight. However, the way in which he won did come as a surprise to most. Besides being outclassed on the mat, Browne was also shutout by the Brazilian on the feet for five straight rounds.

The match was was a brutal battle and it confirms Werdum as the next inline for Cain Velasquez. Following the fight Twitter was packed with plenty talk over the Brazilian’s stunning performance. Check out some of the tweets below:

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  • SpaceJam

    Tim Kennedy is such a bellend! Cain is a great Champ but his striking is nothing like what Werdums was tonight. Fabricio looked awesome. Going to be a sick fight.

    • TheXperience

      Dude please… Cain will outstrike Werdum any day of the week! He's faster, has more power and most definitely more technique. Werdum's only chance is the ground and he CAN'T take Cain down, period!

      • SpaceJam

        Cain has good striking but he is nowhere near an elite striker. He has good boxing and head movement but he has no kicks. Werdum's stand-up is getting very very good. The scary thing he is an elite ground specialist and now his striking is awesome. I'm a Cain fan dude i just realize that this is a dangerous fight for him and it's going to closer than you think. Anything can happen at anytime in MMA. Werdum's only chance is the ground? He just beat the crap out of Travis on the feet for 5 rounds….