On yesterdays episode of The Ultimate Fighter, fans finally got to see what had been hyped for months. A moment Dana White has been referring to as one of the craziest knockouts he's ever seen in company history.

As we all suspected the culprit of this event was none other than veteran kickboxer and taekwondo killing machine Uriah Hall. With lightning speed Uriah threw a spinning heel kick that landed flush sending his opponent Adam Cella to the ground. Uriah had no need to follow up, only staring briefly at his opponent laying on the mat and then immediately walking to his corner.

As much as we all love seeing a good KO, the moment became rather bittersweet, with everyone excited but worried for the unconcious Cella who remained on the mat for 4 minutes or so. Dana summed it up perfectly saying "this is one of those moments where you wanna celebrate but you feel bad for the guy".

You can view the kick in the video below as well as the aftermath and a short feature on Uriah Hall's upbringing in Martial Arts.