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TUF: The Smashes interviews from Australia


This weekend, the UFC makes its way to Australia for the finale of TUF:The Smashes. Karyn Bryant and MMA H.E.A.T. caught up with a few of the main fighters to get their take on the bouts on Friday. Headliner Ross Pearson talks his move back up to Lightweight and his fight against George Sotiropolous.

She also spoke to Hector Lombard, who makes a return home to redeem his hype after losing a very uninspired bout against Tim Boetsch this summer. Lombard will look for an emphatic finish to get his momentum back on track. A loss here would be devastating, but a win here will not be easily had, as he faces the ever-threatening Rousimar Palhares. Palhares appears to discuss Lombard and also criticism of his dangerously effective leglocks. Other footage features a glimpse at some of the open workouts from the Gold Coast.

* The video features a playlist of The Smashes coverage, Pearson’s interview is no. 1, while Lombard and Palhares sit at numbers 5 and 6, respectively.

  • About this card – I find it hard to believe that the Lombard / Palhares fight has flown under the radar, the way that it has. This is hands down, the most important fight going off this weekend. Can Palhares rebound from his loss to Belcher? Will Lombard impress us and prove that Boetsch fight a one-off, that he's an exciting, UFC caliber fighter? Personally, I felt that he beat Boetsch, but none-the-less, it was a snooze fight and not what the fans or The UFC brass were expecting.

    There's a lot riding on this fight for both combatants. My preference would be for Lombard to prove himself, but either way, I hope we can an exciting fight. With Raphael's, lets go to war attitude, I fail to see how this fight can disappoint. It's also why I fail to understand why The UFC has failed to promote this fight, properly.

  • Toquinho i love you, you are one of my favorite fighters…..go jiu jitsu!!

  • Did anyone notice the FAILED attempt by Karynt Bryant to speak portuguese. Bryant asks a question in portuguese to Rousimir Palharas, he answers back in portuguese and then bryant asks "what did he say ???

    What the hell is she doing?

  • im pretty sure mitrione vs nelson is more important seeing as they are closer to the top than lombard hes all hype anyways