TUF 18 Gets Its Start & Picks Its Teams

TUF 18 Gets Its Start & Picks Its Teams


TUF 18: Rousey / Tate kicked off on FOX Sports 1 last night and saw 32, 135 pound fighters pair off in 16 bouts, leaving 16 winners entering “the house” and making their way onto the show.

What’s on the line is a six figure contract with the UFC, a brand new Harley Davidson motorcycle (for both the winning fighter & winning coach), as well as 3 25K bonuses, as voted for by the fans, for fight-of-the-season, knock-out-of-the-season and submission-of-the-season.

The show featured only a few full fights, the highlight of which was Cody Bollinger vs. Rafael de Freitas, who put on a spirited match, and the rest was just highlights and the usual warm and fuzzy family moments.

In terms of Tate and Rousey themselves, they seemed pleasant enough and even exchanged hellos and a handshake, when the two met. As far as that goes, I’m sure their rivalry will heat-up as the season progresses.

When it was all said and done and the teams were to be picked, White tossed the coin and Rousey won the toss. As such, she elected to give Tate the first pick and maintain for herself, first fight selection. The women were picked first, with Tate selecting her friend and training partner Julianna Pena. For her selection Rousey picked Shayna Baszler.

When it came time to assign the first fight, Rousey huddled with her corner and in a bold move immediately pitted her #1 pick  against that of Tate’s; Pena / Baszler, for next Wednesday night.

If there was a funny or pathetic moment in the show, it came in the person of Tim Gorman. Gorman was the last male fighter picked by Tate for her team and in remarking about it, Gorman said he didn’t care about being picked last by Meisha, because he didn’t even know who she was. My guess will be that if his attitude is that bad going into the tournament that he won’t last long and won’t do well with either Tate or her coaching staff.

Even though the first show was a little slow out of the gate, it’s all gravy from here-on-out and the season looks to be a promising one, as far as entertainment value goes.

The results of the card were as follows:

Women’s Bouts:

Jessamyn Duke defeated Laura Howarth via submission (triangle choke)

Jessica Rakoczy defeats Revelina Berto via submission (omoplata)

Peggy Morgan defeated Bethany Marshall via TKO

Roxanne Modafferi defeated Valerie Letourneau via submission (rear-naked choke)

Raquel Pennington defeated Tonya Evinger via submission (guillotine choke)

Shayna Baszler defeated Colleen Schneider via submission (arm-bar)

Julianna Pena defeated Gina Mazany via decision

Sarah Moras defeated Tara LaRosa via decision

Men’s Bouts:

David Grant defeated Danny Martinez via submission (arm-bar)

Michael Wootteen defeated Emil Hartsner via decision

Tim Gorman defeated Lee Sandmeier via TKO

Chris Beal defeated Sirwan Kakai via decision

Josh Hill defeated Patrick Holohan via decision

Chris Holdsworth defeated Louis Fisette via submission (arm-triangle choke)

Anthony Gutierrez defeated Matt Munsey via decision

Cody Bollinger defeated Rafael de Freitas via TKO

Teams as picked (in order) are:

Team Tate:

Julianna Pena

Sarah Moras

Raquel Pennington

Roxanne Modafferi

Cody Bollinger

Chris Holdsworth

Josh Hill

Tim Gorman

Team Rousey:

Shayna Baszler           

Jessamyn Duke

Peggy Morgan

Jessica Rakoczy

Chris Beal

David Grant   

Anthony Gutierrez

Michael Wootten       

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  • http://lowkickmma.com/author/thexperience1 thexperience1

    I really liked the first episode.. looks like it's gonna be a good season!

    • http://lowkickmma.com/author/BrianCox Brian Cox

      100%, Experience. I think from here on out, it's going to be nothing but enjoyment and probably, TUF to beat, for next season. I think it's going to rock and be worth watching. I know I won't be missing it.

  • http://lowkickmma.com/author/ChrisStrickland ChrisStrickland

    I had to work and I live in the stone age with no DVR. Anyone know where I can watch this episode?

    • http://lowkickmma.com/author/BrianCox Brian Cox

      You might find it on Fightvideomma.com

  • http://lowkickmma.com/author/falcon4917 falcon4917

    I liked the first episode for sure because it was all fighting and little drama. I suspect this will not continue especially now that they are getting girls involved. The fights should be exciting and I look forward to that but I am thinking we will have more airtime for drama than ever with this season. I hope I am wrong but the way they are promoting the drama already makes me think it will be Jersey Shore fight edition. But hey I would watch Jersey Shore if there were MMA fights involved. No doubt I will enjoy TUF but I am yet to see if it will be better for me than Fightmaster.

    • http://lowkickmma.com/author/thexperience1 thexperience1

      Dude… are u seriously implying that, that abomination of a show produced by the "House of Rejects" is better than TUF? I sure hope that's a joke… I'm all for more fights and action but Fightmaster absolutely S*CKS BLUE SMURF N*TS!!

      I don't wanna go on one of my rants but I don't see how anyone could like that cheap, horrifically executed piece of cr*ap over TUF. TUF has it's flaws, but as a show its production is far superior and complete. It simply WORKS!

      Fightmaster had a nice "concept" but they failed to properly execute it! The 4 competing training camps were a great idea but none of the actual "work" was shown (big let down). They didn't have the budget or time to get it RIGHT (If you can't do it right, why do it at all?). The fighters didnt come out "transformed" and improved as they should training with an elite camp. (cause they barely trained with the f*cking coaches they picked!) They should've put them through a FULL 3 month camp with the coaches they picked BEFORE starting to film the show. That way the whole concept of the show would've been more legit and that's just 1 little piece of the puzzle they got TOTALLY wrong! I'll leave it at that…

      • http://lowkickmma.com/author/BrianCox Brian Cox

        Experience, as a fan of both shows and certainly someone who's been a big supporter of Fight Master, you raise some very good points.

        I agree with your comments about a 3 month camp, the show being a total let-down on showing any aspects of training and that the coaches, to me at least, came across more as exaggerated corner-men, rather then "real" coaches.

        As someone who's seen most of the shows, I'd be hard pressed to tell you what coaching I saw, for I saw none.

        That said though, in a show that presented 2 fights and episode and in a 60 minute format, minus probably 20+ minutes of that time being eaten-up by commercials, there really was no time to show any meaningful coaching or training. On that note, Bellator would have been better off having a separate show, which was dedicated to just that, coaching and training.

        Perhaps next season, they will improve upon it. All-in-all though, I enjoyed many of the bouts; particularly Riggs's fights.

        On another note, I think they've done a bad job of promoting the show. As I see it, unless you were actively looking for it or thinking about it, you'd forget to watch it. As I don't watch a lot of SPIKE, I don't see the commercials for FM and minus any other venues to promote the show, someone with interest in the show can easily miss it.

        Either way, your criticisms of the show are valid.

      • http://lowkickmma.com/author/falcon4917 falcon4917

        For me I would rather watch a UFC event rather than a drama infested fighter show. Do you like watching UFC events or TUF programs? If both were on at the same time. To me it's virtually ALL about the fights and thats what Fightmaster gets strait to. Its like watching a short event rather than a reality show. Some might like the training and drama included and I don't mind it either but to me its better without in replacement with an extra fight. You are right as a show it is lacking in every area to TUF but for a guy who wants to see fights it is better than TUF so far. I will watch both for sure but I am hoping that TUF gets way more fights than drama and work but I am suspecting drama out the wahoo this year due to genetics.

    • http://lowkickmma.com/author/BrianCox Brian Cox

      I enjoy both shows, but I know I've lost it for TUF over the last few seasons. However, this year I'm excited about it. I think it could be both interesting and fun to watch. My guess is, that by the end of next week we will have all bought into it and I know I for one, can't wait to see the outcome of the first assigned bout; Pena / Baszler.

      Rousey's move of pitting two #1 picks against one another right of the bat, is awesome.

      Really looking forward to the fight and maybe some antics. On the "***" issue in the house, as I don't recall seeing any Gina Carano types in the cast, I don't think it's going to be an subject of viewer titillation; booze or no booze.

      On a side note, it's a drag that the Irish contingent of the cast, didn't make it into the house. It would have been cool if Patrick Holohan had won his bout.

  • http://lowkickmma.com/author/BrianCox Brian Cox

    Falcon, all of that is a fair assessment. Perhaps the best show would be a blend of the two.

    Go Irish.

    • http://lowkickmma.com/author/falcon4917 falcon4917