TUF 18 Finale Free Fight: Nate Diaz vs. Donald Cerrone

TUF 18 Finale Free Fight: Nate Diaz vs. Donald Cerrone


It was two years ago next month, that Nate Diaz & Donald Cerrone put on a fight-of-the-night performance at the MGM Grand Garden Arena, in Las Vegas.

On the night, Nate would for the most part walk-down, stalk and overwhelm Cerrone.

Diaz put on an amazing boxing performance, bloodying up and generally smashing “The Cowboy”. However and gallantly, Cerrone still made a go of it, dropping Diaz multiple times throughout the second and third rounds with leg kicks, but it simply wasn’t enough. For every time Donald knocked Nate off of his feet, Diaz would just get back up and begin coming forward, again. Oddly enough for the two submission stars, there was no ground war in this fight, which is to say, that not once in the fight when he had the chance, did Cerrone ever entertain the idea of chasing Diaz to the ground. In reflection upon the fight’s outcome, Donald might have done better to have taken the fight to the ground.

It really was a masterful performance on the part of Nate and one that also showcased his toughness. There were a number of times in the bout that Cerrone managed to connect with Nate, but like a tank being hit with a bullet, it all seemed to bounce off of him.

Perhaps the most impressive part of Nate’s performance was his ability to take Cerrone out of his game. Diaz gave him no real space and never let up from the outset of the fight. As such, Donald never really found his rhythm.

A final thought on this match would be that it’d be nice to see a rematch, between these two great fighters.

As the UFC has released the fight ahead of this weekend’s Diaz / Maynard II fight, here’s 15 minutes of MMA fun, courtesy of our favorite promotion.

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