TUF 18 Episode 7: Team Tate Attempts A Prank, Coach Rousey Shows...

TUF 18 Episode 7: Team Tate Attempts A Prank, Coach Rousey Shows Off Her Moves


Fans who thought there might be some drama brought back into the show this week were thoroughly disappointed last light, when Team Tate’s prank failed to light any fuses in Team Rousey’s locker room.  

As we saw on the episode, team Tate had taken a picture of Ronda Rousey and mocked it up with the words “Edmond Rousey” (a hybrid of Coach Rousey’s name and her striking coach Edmond Traverdyan) on it and some unibrow design. On this point, such pranks have been pulled on the show in previous seasons, so this was nothing new.

UFC President Dana White got wind of it and went down to “The Ultimate Fighter” gym to remove the offensive material. As it turns out, White missed one picture, which was subsequently found by a Team Rousey member.

The picture was shown to Rousey, who did react, but only in the locker room. She opted to say nothing to Meisha Tate regarding the matter. Oddly, Rousey complained that the prank was racist. Most fans would reasonably conclude that it was just a prank and nothing more.

To the meat of the show itself, one item in particular stands out and that’s Coach Rousey’s demonstration of how to move on a mat, while on your back. That was impressive. If you missed it and you’re interested in such things, then it’s worth finding the segment online and watching it. The speed and fluidity with which she propelled herself across the floor was something, to say the least. It’s was also an impressive demonstration of cardio and strength. In watching her do it and with skills like that, it’s no wonder she’s an undefeated champion.   

Beyond that, Coach Rousey continued to trash her “black hat” persona by showing up at the house bearing gifts and family photos, for any of the male fighters (including Team Tate) who had children. As it was Father’s Day, the gifts were warmly received and appreciations were extended to Coach Rousey for her thoughtfulness.   

As to the episode’s bout, Michael Wootten vs. Josh Hill, it was for the most part an entertaining affair; although Dana White did complain about Hill’s performance, which was unfair. He was more active and dynamic then White gave him credit for.  

Hill got the better of the first round and surely won it. He came out aggressively and went after Wooten, pushing the fight up against the fence. In securing the takedown, he began to work a decent game of control and ground ’n pound, while advancing for a better position. In achieving it, Hill took Wooten’s back and nearly secured a (choke) submission, but alas, Wooten was too good and worked his way out of it.

The second round broke and Hill came out aggressively and looking for the takedown. He lunged forward and was immediately met by a huge knee from Wooten. Un-phased, Hill continued on, but Wooten had found his stride. Hill was unable to do much in the round and ate a number of knees and elbows, while trying to secure takedowns. The round was easily Wooten’s.

The scores were tallied at the end of two and a third, sudden victory round, was required.

Hill came out and threw a wild spinning back-fist that nearly landed. However, other than the one trick he had nothing else up his sleeve. The fight moved up against the cage and a struggle for control ensued, with Hill actually getting to Wooten’s back at one point. Wooten worked out of it and broke contact, taking the fight to the center of the cage. Hill once again attempted a spinning back-fist, but Wooten saw it coming and took him down. Wooten jumped into Hill’s guard and began to reign down a series of heavy blows. As the bell rang and the decision was announced, Michael Wooten had defeated Josh Hill, by way of unanimous decision.

Up next in the house, two fights:

Peggy Morgan (team Rousey) vs. Sarah Moras (team Tate) and Anthony Gutierrez (team Rousey) vs. Cody Bollinger (team Tate).

These are quarterfinal events and will take place on October 30th and not next week, the 23rd. Next week’s episode is a recap one and probably worth a pass.  

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    I bet Rhonda has some party tricks off her back in the bedroom. She seems to like to wiggle that a-ss on the mat…..

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    Racist? Far too many in my country, media included are using that crap to simply TRY to elevate themselves above others. It's pure ShullBit!

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      Rousey is starting to seriously annoy me man.

      • http://lowkickmma.com/author/highkick12 highkick12

        Really just starting to? Shes been driving me nuts since the show started. I haven't wanted a coaches fighters to lose this much since Koscheck.

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          Could you imagine Diaz as a TUF coach? lmao If it wasnt scripted, he's fight everyone in the house.

        • http://lowkickmma.com/author/KayOne KayOne

          She drove me nuts in strike….Kind of a slap in the face to wmma competitors over the last decade!!

    • http://lowkickmma.com/author/enjoylife321 enjoylife321

      Whether an individual is black, white, Hispanic, or Asian, racism exists but the individuals who have not been affected by racism are often the ones who throw it around like they have been victims all their lives. These people are manipulators. You can't have a general argument with someone and when things don't go your way you start throwing around the racist card.

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        Here Here! +1

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      AHAHAH HAHAH HAHAHA…dammit, I think I just peed.

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    Glad to see the boring wrestler lose, I got your back Dana that shlt *****.

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    Rousey shows how she air humps her girlfriend….. she's still a whack job butter-face psycho.

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      When she was side scootin on the floor, I could see through her clothes hahah hhah hahah…Im bad 8((