TUF 18: Episode 7 Preview, The Drama Is Back & A Muay...

TUF 18: Episode 7 Preview, The Drama Is Back & A Muay Thai Legend Snaps A Bat


This week’s episode of The Ultimate Fighter looks like it might be back on track for delivering entertainment, via the drama that is the relationship known as, Rousey / Tate.  

In this coming Wednesday’s show, it appears that team Tate goes on a rampage of practical jokes, plastering the TUF gym with “unibrow” posters of a hybrid Coach Rousey and Edmond Traverdyan; Edmond Rousey.

Dana White, upon discovering the posters freaks out and tries to remove them before Coach Rousey becomes aware of the slight. However and happily, he fails. Rousey sees the posters, flips out suddenly and suddenly, we might have something of interest to watch again, as we wait for the show’s bout to start.

Why White would freak over the posters is anyone’s guess. This sort of thing has been done on the show a number of times, most particularly to Dominick Cruz (the Eddie Monster picture) and no one has ever flipped out. However, as Rousey and Traverdyan aren’t your average people, this might be entertaining to watch unfold.

Also, Thai kickboxing legend Melchor Menor drops by the TUF gym to help out with team Tate’s coaching duties, and in his appearance, he demonstrates the fine art of breaking a baseball bat with his shin; very impressive stuff.

Either way, this week’s show looks to be better than the last couple and as fans, that’s all we can really hope for.

Up next in the house, is a match between Josh Hill (Team Tate) and Michael Wootten (Team Rousey); looks like it could be a good scrap.

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