Fans that have been following this season’s “Ultimate Fighter” were probably grateful last night, when Jessamyn Duke (team Rousey) and Raquel Pennington (team Tate) went the full two rounds, and then required a third to decide the winner of their bout.  

I say grateful, because in going three rounds the pair managed to eat up a huge chunk of the show’s clock and reprieved all of us from the mind numbing boredom that has become TUF.

However, the duo didn't just kill time in the Octagon; Duke and Pennington went to war.

Back and forth the two went, with Pennington getting the better of the boxing and Duke making good use of her clinch and knees. By the end of it, both had been bloodied and bruised, and in particular, Duke’s face bore the signs of the loss she took.

The irony of last night’s bout is that it was a better fight than any match on the “Fight Night 29” card, which led into it.

In a word, FN 29 was possibly the worst UFC card that many fans may have ever seen and as such, Duke and Pennington would have been the best fight on it, had their bout been assigned to the Brazilian event. Their match was easily more entertaining than that of Raphael Assuncao and TJ Dillashaw and their fight of the night performance(s), and considerably more entertaining than any other match on last night’s FOX Sports 1 card.

On this issue, we shouldn’t be surprised if the executives at FOX had some negative opinions on the fights and the matches that were set for the free broadcast last night, and as such, they might in future, be asking the UFC for better quality.

Either way, Duke and Pennington saved the day in terms of an entertaining match and as a number of the fighters on the show remarked, they proved that the women can fight and be just as thrilling as the male fighters.

As Roxanne Modafferi put it, “people who still aren’t a fan of female fighters should just watch that fight and see that man, women can throw down.”

Up next in the house, is a match between Josh Hill (Team Tate) and Michael Wootten (Team Rousey).

Further and happily, we might even see the return of a little drama next week, as Team Tate pulls a prank of Team Rousey and neither Dana White nor Ronda Rousey herself, seem amused.

Below is Duke / Pennington fight and if you missed it, it’s worth the view.

Also and from the same episode, is the video of the fighters hanging out by the pool with the Hooters girls. If nothing else, it’s worth the play just to see Miesha Tate in her bikini. In a word, wow.