TUF 18: Episode 5 Promo

TUF 18: Episode 5 Promo


Tonight at 10 pm EST, episode five of the 18th season of TUF takes to the airwaves, with David Grant (team Rousey) taking on Louis Fisette (team Tate), for the swing point in show’s current three fight series; 2 – 1, Tate.

Tonight’s show will determine whether or not team Rousey can bring the contest even, or if team Tate can once again begin to pull away. With the show nearing the half-way mark, any lead starts becoming progressively difficult to surmount and as such, one coach will be looking to close the gap, while the other will be attempting to put distance between herself and her rival.  

 In addition, fans will be treated to Coach Rousey’s mom, Ann Maria Rousey DeMars, making an appearance, tonight. She is a both a sixth degree black belt and former world champion, in Judo.

Sadly, tonight’s show seems to be devoid of any drama. We can deduce that, because neither the teaser nor the promo for tonight’s episode featured any. For fans that have been enjoying the theatrics or tuning in specifically for them, surely this comes as bad news.  As much as most fans have come to despise or hate Coach Rousey’s WWE style of personality, she is, nonetheless, the show’s saving grace and biggest star.

Truly, fans are enjoying hating on the villainess champion, and if her personality has sweetened up for the week because of her mom’s presence, then we can only hope that the sugar has been burned off by next week, and we get our beloved bête noire, back.

The highlights from tonight’s bout bode well for the episode’s fight; hopefully, it’ll be an entertaining one and make up for any drama that we might be deprived of.

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    Ronda called herself a b*tch. Doesn't get much better than that. Um, I'll also leave it at that… Yet so cute…