TUF 18 Episode 5 Preview: Rousey’s Mom & Food Take Center Stage

TUF 18 Episode 5 Preview: Rousey’s Mom & Food Take Center Stage


Hands down, this year’s “Ultimate Fighter” has to be the most entertaining of all the TUF seasons. The show has easily exceeded expectations, in terms of the entertainment it’s providing.

All credit on that account has to go to Ronda Rousey.

Rousey has proven herself to be the greatest black-hat and villain the show has ever seen and could probably teach Chael Sonnen a thing or two about smack talk, attitude, swagger and combativeness.

She has single-handedly both made the show and stolen it, at the same time. As strange as it is to say, Rousey has been a joy to watch and if for no other reason then it’s proving fun for the fans to hate on her. Week in and week out, she and to a lesser extent her striking coach Edmond Traverdyan, have managed to push the buttons of UFC fans to the point incredulity, with her antics. For fans that have been watching, it’s all been compelling stuff.

Whether or not it’s been her crowding of Coach Tate & Bryan Caraway, getting up in Dennis Hallman’s face, unnecessarily crying over losses, aggressively issuing threats, or just her general surly demeanor, Coach Rousey has yet to fail in riling the viewing audience. In a nutshell, she’s simply been amazing to watch and a winning addition to the show and its diminishing ratings.

In synopsis of her, as every good story line needs a villain, Rousey is turning out to be the best the UFC has ever seen. As such, if she were to suddenly turn sweet, the show would most certainly lose its edge and appeal.

However and as we know, the women’s bantamweight champion isn’t thrilled with the way she’s being portrayed, but the reality of this reality TV show is that Rousey is the show’s star; period. Without her and side-kick Edmond Traverdyan, the show would be a bust.

In this week’s episode (5) Rousey’s mom, Ann Maria Rousey DeMars, is enlisted by her daughter and team coach, to edify them in the ways of Judo and to give them stern words of encouragement in the manner of training. A sixth degree black belt in Judo and a former world champion, Rousey’s mom looks to be all business and possibly there to lend emotional support to her up-and-down champion, daughter. As we see Ronda beaming ear to ear in this week’s teaser and no drama anywhere in sight, fans can hazard a guess that Ms. DeMars might have had a calming effect on her offspring and as such, has drained this week’s show of any fan riling moments.

Food also seems to be an issue this week, as the teaser makes not of Chris Holdsworth’s and other fighters difficulties, in maintaining weight.

Up this week in the Octagon, David Grant (team Rousey) taking on Louis Fisette (team Tate). Grant will be looking to even the win / loss record at two apiece and Fisette will be gunning to stop team Rousey in their tracks.

As always, the show is on FOX Sports, Wednesdays’ at 10 pm EST.

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  • http://lowkickmma.com/author/Zip Zip

    Brian has single-handedly proved that we can talk about Ronda without calling her a b*itch or a c*nt. Thanks Brian, classy.

    • http://lowkickmma.com/author/BrianCox Brian Cox

      In being bad, she is being great and although fans are hating on her, the owe her a debt for the fun she's providing and what is, a fabulous build up to the December 28th card.

      I'm trying to view it all as kind of WWE thing. We can boo her and hiss her, catcalls and all that, but I'm sure on a personal level, off camera, with friends and all that stuff, I'm sure she's a decent person.

      That said, the WWE type of Ronda is an absolute blast. I mean, last week I really wanted something to go down between her and Hallman. I can't believe how mad she was freaking making me with the whole, in your face tough guy crap, but at the same time, I love it. It's a blast to watch and to get into and although not scripted, I don't take it all too seriously and that's if it's not an act, she should play it off as such and simply run with it; turn it into an act, ham it, play the villain and have some fun.

      The UFC needs more of this type of stuff. As much as I love fighters like GSP and Chris Weidman for being nice, decent and humble, they aren't the most exciting guys in the world to read or talk about. They wouldn't do crap like this in a million years.

      The UFC needs people like Rousey and her good friend Nick Diaz. They're interesting people who, by simply being themselves, add personality to the sport.