TUF 18 Episode 4 Preview: Modafferi Vs. Rakoczy

TUF 18 Episode 4 Preview: Modafferi Vs. Rakoczy


TUF 18 episode four is set to air on FOX Sports 1 tonight, and for all of us who have been following along, we wait with much anticipation to have two questioned answered: Will coaches Rousey & Traverdyan’s meltdowns continue? And will team Tate be able to extend their two fight winning streak to three wins, thus continuing their demoralization of team Rousey and their coaches?

On the first question and if you’ve seen the teaser for tonight’s show, we know that Coach Rousey goes nose-to-nose with a male (fighter, we’ll assume from team Tate) repeating the phrase “do it at the right time, do it at the right time”, twice. To wit the fighter responded “get out of my face; it had nothing to do with you.”

In terms of Traverdyan, he seems to be agitated again. In tonight’s episode, we get to see him spit on a hall floor (a very professional and hygienic thing to do) and then begin to egg-on someone on Tate’s team, with “come on, let’s go; bring it, bring it, bring it on” ; all riveting, stuff.

Regarding whether or not team Tate can make it three wins in a row, it will be Roxanne Modafferi’s fate to decide, as she is slated to take on Jessica Rakoczy in pursuit of the third win.

Modafferi is a diminutive, all smiles and personality fighter, who hails from Delaware and has become a bit of a hit on the show, as the one everyone likes. “The Happy Warrior” is exactly that and seems to see the positive in everything. Regardless of her pleasant disposition, she is nonetheless a fighter and one whose speciality is ground fighting, not stand-up.  

She goes into the fight coming off of her submission victory (rear-naked choke) of Valerie Letourneau; however, prior to that, she was on a five fight losing streak. To win this bout, the 31 year old Modafferi will be looking to take the fight to the ground, where’s she’s more comfortable.

On the other hand, Jessica Rakoczy is a Canadian boxer of caliber, who, aside from her in-cage camera time and submission victory (omoplata) over Revelina Berto, we know little of. Where fighters like Modafferi and Juliana Pena have stood out, Rakoczy has yet to grab much camera time and as such, all we know of her (really) is her record; 1 – 3 & 1 (NC) in MMA and 31 – 3 & 1 (NC) in boxing. She has also won multiple boxing titles. Given that she earned her way into the house via submission, rather than a stand-up victory, we can deduce that she also has a ground game and appears to be well rounded.

In considering the bout, it would be reasonable to deduce that the match-up favors the 36 year old Rakoczy and her striking skills, and that she should be able to stem the tide of Tate’s victories, at two.

However, Modafferi is a game fighter and possesses a warrior’s spirit. As such she volunteered for the fight and regardless of Coach Tate’s choice of opponent. If she manages to survive Rakoczy’s hands, tonight and defeats, what appears to be a superior fighter, then none of us should be shocked. The Happy Warrior might come across as a loveable kid sister type, but she’s a tough fighter with heart.   

Either way, it should be a good fight. My guess is most fans will be rooting for Modafferi to win, if only to stir Coach Rousey’s ire even more.

As this continues to be the most entertaining season of TUF to date, we can only hope that tonight’s episode builds upon the great fights and drama, we’ve already had.     

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    Brian Cox.. To Air On SPIKE TV?

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      I like Roxanne I saw her live when she fought Tara Larossa, it was one of the best fights on the card.

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    The episode was horrible, the fight was just terrible to watch. Women's MMA just doesn't do it for me.

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    have to say rousey is a spoiled bully b–ch