TUF 18: Episode 3 Teaser: Words Are Exchanged

TUF 18: Episode 3 Teaser: Words Are Exchanged


Last we left off with teams Rousey & Tate, emotions were running high, tears were being shed, laughs were being had and threats were being made

This week, it looks like the drama is going to continue

Regarding the bout that’s up, this week’s show presents a fight of true importance between Chris Holdsworth (team Tate) and Chris Beal (team Rousey). If Tate’s team can take this match, they will take firm control of the show, its tournament and outcomes. More particularly, Coach Tate will have gained a significant advantage over Coach Rousey, in terms of mental warfare.

With a Holdsworth win, Tate will have knocked off Rousey’s two number one picks (female and male) and will be well down the road of making Coach Rousey eat her rancorous words and perhaps, even getting under her skin to the point of giving Tate an advantage in their upcoming December 28th bout.

In terms of the two coaches directly, “Rowdy” has come across as a little unhinged relative to “Cupcake’s” friendly and jovial coaching style. Where Tate seems to be doing well in front of the camera, Rousey has been struggling to come across as anything other than an entitled spoiled child; pouting and crying anytime things don’t go her way.

This week, it appears that Rousey’s antics are continuing and this time, her head coach (Edmond Traverdyan) looks to be getting into the action. As voices are raised and words are exchanged, one can only hope tht this (legitimate) beef plays out all season and that it shows up in Rousey and Tate’s fights, because there’s nothing better than a fight between two people who really don’t like one another.

For fans of the show, the best outcome for tomorrow night’s match would be a Chris Holdsworth victory; preferably a big KO. A Chris Beal loss could easily set Coach Rousey off and in epic proportions and that would be just awesome for the show, and particularly for all those who have begun to dislike the women’s bantamweight champion and her surly attitude.

Let the diatribes fly and the tears flow, Wednesday night’s show looks great and will hopefully build on last week’s drama.

If you haven’t been following, TUF airs on FOX Sports 1 at 10 pm EST.

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