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TUF 17 Episode 7 recap: Jimmy Quinlan chokes out Clint Hester


In last nights episode teams Sonnen’s grappling expert Jimmy Quinlan was set to face prolific striker and versed boxer Clint Hester. Episode 7 saw the boys make a trip to Hooters for a little fun and liesure where we once again had to be subjected to a shirtless Gilbert Smith. Uriah Hall continued to alienate himself from the rest of the group and causing the fighters in the house as well as the viewers at home to progressively dislike him more and more.

The fight in this episode saw Quinlan do what he does best to no one’s surprise and grind this fight to the ground at all times. For a boxer with very little grappling experience, Hester did rather well defending most takedowns and even managed to land some very solid shots from the sprawling position with elbows to the side of the head and some hard punches to the ribs.

Quinlan’s perseverance, relentless pace and groundwork however, proved to be simply too much for his phisically larger opponent. Quinlan eventually obtained full mount, eventually sinking in a rear naked choke after Hester turned to defend. Hester tapped quickly and that was a rap.

After the fight Chael made sure that Jones lived up to the previous bet made during a bowling match in the last episode, paying him a visit and providing him with a team Sonnen jersey to wear at the next team Jones practice.As always Chael manages to rub salt into a fresh wound, how fitting.

The next episode will see the final two fighters Australian Dylan Andrews and Zak Cummings face off in what will be the final fight before the elimination rounds begin.

Let us know what you thought of this episode and of the show thus far. Share your thoughts in the comments below.

  • I no longer find Chael Sonnen credible, as villain.

    • I'm more impressed with him after each episode. Jones is showing his immaturaty some too. Sonnen can be a real d*ck sometimes, but he's a great motivator and coach.

      • I've been trying to tell people for ages that they don't know anything about the guy.

        For some strange reason, I'm extremely good at reading people. I pick up on certain mannerisms, reactions and interactions to formulate what is usually a pretty accurate conclusion on the persons character.

        Everything about Chael that I've ever seen or heard has told me that he's a really good person, with a huge heart and serious drive. But he just happens to also be extremely witty and talented at speaking, he's been playing a character since day one and not many have been able to see it until now.

        While Jon on the other hand, I can't stand the guy, everything about him screams insecurity, immaturity and inexperience. He has a temper, he's tries a little too hard, he's constantly looking for approval in the eyes of others and now he's soo sick of the hate that he has a huge chip on his shoulder.

        But he also happens to be talented as HELL at fighting. As long as he can maintain focus, he'll never lose. He's his own worst enemy and I can tell his mind is clouded with a lot of darkness. He's a very bitter person I can see it in his face and the way he walks/fights/talks.

        • So what was your extremely good reading of people got to say about the roids and money laundering? Anyone can put on a show especially an edited one. Anyone can also change and if that is the case here than that is great but it is not possible to think this guy was always a good guy with not only his actions but his words of disgrace against other nationalities. It will take more than a few weeks on an edited show to prove there is any change. I hope he is now what he is showing. I can like any man that is decent, but after all the lies and cover ups, you can't seriously say he has always been a good man. Laugh out friken Loud!

          • I don't ever recall once saying he has always been a good guy. Way to put words in my mouth dude.

            You're not even arguing with me you're arguing with yourself and the made up facts you're creating lol.

            I don't know them individually I can only judge by what I see now on the outside. Everyone makes mistakes, but I definitely see more honesty and sincerity in Sonnen than I do in Jones.

            Jones acts like a *****. He really does. He's like a gifted spoiled brat.

    • I agree that he is doing well and changing his image for the good but It will be more than a few weeks edited to convince me.

  • I dont think Jimmy threw a punch the entire first round.
    Really hope his super boring wrestling gets him KOd later on.

    Thats for all the fitch fans to weak 🙂

    • Grappling>striking

    • He was trying to pass every second of the grappling, and took some absolutely monstrous shots from Clint.

      You can respect that, right?

    • @highkick you clearly only enjoy striking so go watch kickboxing.

      It was a really exciting back and forth battle, which included a lot of striking and Jimmy came back from losing the first round to get a nice RNC.

      If you don't enjoy that then… no use arguing with you about it

    • yeah, a cop that takes you down and doesn't hit you once… that's a new one! lol

    • Yeah because watching him slam a guy was boring too right. They both brought it and will you ever get that not everyone in the UFC's strength is striking. Hope someone buys you a Fitch bobble head for your next birthday.

  • I forgot TUF had been on and came on Lowkick, spoiled it for myself 🙁 100% my fault but didn't mind too much, it was a fun fight nonetheless

  • Hester should get the wild card. He's a beast, and comes to fight. That A$$ clown Bubba has done absolutely nothing to impress…….

    Oh, and the other A$$ clown Josh needs to get KTFO.

  • Great fight in terms of contrast of styles. Clint may be a bit too raw a striker to be in the UFC quite yet, he needs to shore up his overall game. But to a UFC striker that can shuck a takedown, I think Quinlan would have a rude awakening.

  • Man one thing I hate is all the editing involved with the pre filmed TUF shows vs the Live show. I hate all the clips of the fight before you get to watch the fight and all the comments recorded played before the fight. They are trying to hard to get people to not change the channel and giving away where the fight leads to and who does what. It's the worst TUF ever in my opinion when talking format and editing.

  • Slow mo of people being pressed on the cage does little for me either.