Episode 6 of this season’s The Ultimate Fighter airs this Wednesday night and again, the show seems to be devoid of any of Ronda Rousey’s drama.

In its place, this week’s show seems to be more about titillation poolside and Juliana Pena trying to teach a couple of the girls / fellow teammates how to walk in high heels.   

The funniest part of the show or most ironic I guess, is that this week’s episode features “Hooters Girls” serving food to the team. Apologies all around, but I laughed. It’s just the image of a bunch of scantily clad women serving wings and beer (whatever) to female fighters, makes me laugh on some level.

At any rate, as the show itself looks to be sliding back into its boring old ways, this week’s fight, however, looks to be a good one and is a bout that’s worth tuning in for.

Jessamyn Duke (team Rousey) will take on Raquel Pennington (team Tate), in what looks to be an all-out war. Duke is the longer, taller fighter and will be looking to use her Thai boxing to drag Pennington into a clinch game of punishing knees.

On the other hand, Pennington is a no nonsense brawler who will be looking to get in Duke’s face and throw bombs.

Both appear to be gamers with heart and Duke herself, is favored to take the women’s bracket. If Pennington can grab the win and the series lead for Team Tate, she could be well placed to go all the way.

If you choose to take a pass on the house portion of the show, definitely tune in to catch the bout.

Concluding, the best thing that Dana White did for the show this season was putting Rousey on it. The worst thing he did for the show this year was telling Rousey to cut out her antics.