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Top 10 Unintentionally Hilarious MMA Fighter Quotes


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Anderson Silva

Anderson Silva was understandably overcome with emotion after he emerged with a unanimous decision victory over Derek Brunson at UFC 208 in New York City – the first time he’d had his hand raised in over four years.

Fighting back tears, the Brazilian superstar launched into a rare speech in broken English rather than his native Portuguese, humbly admitting that he knew he was now too old and slow to be going up against the best UFC fighters, but that he still loved to compete.

It was a beautiful sentiment from the 41-year-old legend and there were even a few misty eyes in the crowd, but Silva wasn’t quite finished.

”Fight is my life…” Silva said with great sincerity.

If only he’d just left it there, but instead he reached deep into his soul, wrestled with his limited English vocabulary, and then solemnly declared…

“…Fart is my heart.”

  • Juan Diablo

    This is one of my favorite MMA articles ever lol

    • aFriendlyAgenda

      Ross Cole comes with the entertainment when he publishes his articles

      • Juan Diablo

        That Wanderlei one had me rolling. I hadn’t heard about that one, but I could totally picture how it went down in my head lol

  • JamesC

    lol….this was great. I actually hate Romero less. When I heard that original statement I thought he was being homophobic. Some of the statements sort of made sense Ken Sham and Diaz in a weird way.

    That being said, in terms of one single bad statement I am pretty sure Wandy’s takes the cake. However, Tito has to take the lifetime achievement award. They could have made a Tito list

  • Bobby Cullari

    Tito is the people’s champion of verbal gaffs…lol

  • ”God put me on this earth to be a tool.”

    Amen 🙂