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Top 10 Craziest Knockouts In Women’s MMA History


9. Monica Franco vs. Jessica Doerner

Having logged a 1-5 amateur record, nobody would have been expecting much from Monica Franco in her pro-debut against the more experienced Jessica Doerner at Destiny MMA in 2015.

However, Franco proved to be in inspired form that night as she threw every strike in the book at Doerner, including hard punches and elbows to the head and body, a spinning kick to the midsection and even a spinning hook kick upstairs.

Somehow the granite chinned Doerner remained standing throughout all this, and heading into the second round Franco must have know it was going to take something special to put her away.

Just 12 seconds into the stanza she did just that, landing a spinning backfist to the face, with her other fist also landing afterwards for good measure as Doerner caved to the canvas to seal a dream debut KO victory for Franco.

  • Jess Fenchley

    The two best are Holly and Amanda. Well done ladies.

  • ????????????

    The 2 best are Alexis and Beche getting knocked into next week by Ronda!!!!!
    Well done champ and future hall of famer 🙂

  • Jamie Eyeles

    Hilarious ones are Lousey being exposed beyond belief. I’m a dumbass Aussie as smart as a Wombat so what do I know. I also have all kinds of memorabilia that I spent my hard-earned money on, and I am a fully grown man! I’m pathetic.