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Tito Ortiz: Cyborg Santos requested release from UFC contract


UFC Hall of Famer and now MMA manager, Tito Ortiz, appeared on Inside MMA to discuss the future of his client – Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos. Ortiz once again stated that it is physically impossible for Cyborg to cut down to 135, but the former Strikeforce Women’s Featherweight champ would compromise for a catchweight bout with Ronda Rousey at 140lbs.

As for today, Rousey vs. Cyborg is without a doubt the biggest WMMA attraction. Both fighters are at the peak of their athletic abilities, while a fight between them would re-ignite the interest in Women’s MMA, similar to Carano vs. Cyborg that took place back in 2009.

However, Ortiz gave an announcement that ground and pounded the Dreams of Rousey vs. Cyborg into a deep knockout. According to The Huntington Beach Bad Boy, there are no fights left Santos in the UFC. Consequently, Cyborg requested a release from her contract.

The Brazilian heavy-hitter is most likely to landin Invicta Fighting Championship, where the Featherweight title is currently vacant.

  • It ain't gonna happen is it….either Tito is angling to get Dana to start talking big numbers to make the fight a possibility….or Santos wants no part of Rousey….personally…I honestly don't think Cyborg is scared to fight any MAN let alone woman in MMA….the angling is definately believable though knowing Tito…..who knows man?!…..I find it hard to believe that Santos can't shed an extra 5lbs to make what would be THE biggest fight in WMMA to date either…..and a catch weight fight isn't really much good to Santos if she's after the belt….unless they agree terms to fight for the title too….then it starts getting messy….it's either money or politics preventing this fight being put together I think but you just never know really…..sure would LOVE to see that fight though….to see if Rousey could armbar the woman with mans arms….lol…

  • Zip

    Cyborg wants no part of Ronda.

    • Zip

      At least not without her man frame 🙂

      • Well Benson, wants to kill mentally weak fighters who take steroids.
        Cyborg, want to be released.
        It's how these stories are together on the main page.

        But ya, Tito is such a drama queen, I was a fan of his back in the day, but having him as your manager you're gonna have him talking a lot.
        Rousey and Cyborg aren't going to fight, it's just another one of these fights, GSP VS Silva and all the rest that we all know to well.

        • Someone was catching on that Cyborg and Bigfoot are actually in fact, the same person.

    • cyborg badly wants ronda, but she should have a diet first to make 135lbs… cyborg is good not like her manager, who is a sore loser.

  • I would pick Cyborg to win.Maybe im the only one.I LOVE THIS WOORRRLLLLD!!

  • There is no point having Cyborg under contract if there is no fights available for her.

    The UFC have thrown a bucket of money at rhonda, given her the belt and she hasn't even had a single fight in the UFC. Once Rhonda gets bored with little competition, she may accept a catchweight fight with Cyborg down the track. in which case cyborg will be in a better position to renegotiate.

    • @ Enjoy

      But if Cyborg could get down to 135, we'd (at least)have 3 fighters in the bantam-weight division and really firm that puppy up. Think of all the fight combinations we could have. Two fighters in a division is "probably" cutting it a little thin, but if The UFC could add a third fighter to W-BW division…well then…now we'd talkin'.

      • @MMA truth…..lol…..UFC have 470 fighters under contract…3 fighters under contract are women…..HUGE

        Dana definetly thinks of Rhonda when its time to play hide the sausage with the wife

    • besides tennis and figure skating i dont know many woman sports that get high ratings.

      • Jenna jameson played a special type of sport and got plenty of ratings

  • To be honest, I don't see why a catch-weight fight would be such an issue, at least on two points.

    1. There is virtually no work for Rhonda. Heck, there's only one other fighter listed in her "division" and Rousey's already scheduled to fight her. So, once that fight is done, what's really next? If she's so great, then take the fight with Cyborg @ 140. I don't see the problem.

    2. Dana has been pushing a catch-weight fight between GSP & Silva for a couple of years, now. So, again, what's the problem with doing the same thing between Rousey & Cyborg? We do have precedent.

    I can understand why Cyborg doesn't want to hang around The UFC is they can't make any fights for her.

  • Anybody who acts like Cyborg wants no part of Rousey is crazy.

    Women can't cut weight as well as men. It's just the way it is.

    However, after failing for a drug test, shes got no leg to stand on. The UFC doesn't care any way. Ronda is the women's division.

    • @ Evan

      Well, she's at least 50% of the division. 🙂

    • i agree i dont get how anyone whos seen cyborg's fights could think that shes scared. i think its possible that the UFC needs cyborg as much as cyborg needs them with regards to WMMA. tito definetely thinks so

  • It is possible to cut to 140, but "physically impossible" to cut to 135?

    Take the 'O' out of your name Tito.

    • Wow, look at that. Who says Tito is no longer relevant.

      • "Tito is no longer relevant"

        • Seems his fighter isn't either.
          I guess those clothes and glasses are his "business man look?"

    • @ codemaster thats exactly what i thought about the 5 pound difference. shes probably just playing a game. once she realizes she wants that belt bad enough she will sign. she probably feels entitled and wants things her way, but has forgotten about failing her test and having her belt stripped.

  • Zip

    So, this name keeps coming up (Jenna Jameson) so I figured I'd look her up, and, well . . . good for Tito 🙂 I had no clue.

    Anyhow, not so long ago, I was watching Cyborg fight this little, skinny Asian girl (I think this was Cyborg's last fight before she was suspended) and was shocked at the size difference. Before the fight, Cyborg is jumping up and down in the corner, muscles ripped and bulging, and she really looked like a dude in terrific shape. In the other corner her opponent was bent over a little, looking at the canvas, and otherwise didn't look like she wanted to be there. Predictably, the fight ends early in the first round as Cyborg annihilated her in brutal fashion. Really looked like a man beating up a little girl. Then Cyborg runs around the ring with her hands up in the air in fairly feminine fashion celebrating a great, hard fought conquest, and she was somehow the victor. The physique and femininity made for an odd pairing, and I was quite disturbed by it. Anyhow, I didn't follow WMMA at the time and didn't know who Cyborg was, but was bothered by the mismatch. My wife was watching the fight with me as she was semi-interested in WMMA, and she couldn't believe what she was seeing either. Matter of fact, she figured if all of the fights were going to be like this, she'd quit watching. She did, and hasn't watched a women's match since.

    I remember thinking at the time that there was no way any girl could beat Cyborg with her power and strength advantage. I also wondered how she got away with her physique as she was obviously juicing. At any rate, she was nailed and suspended and the rest is history.

    It is precisely this unnatural/unfair advantage that Cyborg aims to preserve, and Rhonda wishes to eliminate. Thus, Cyborg's reluctance to go to 135, and Rhonda's insistence she go to 135. Yeah, it could be the money Tito's leveraging for, but I think they're more leery of Cyborg fighting without that advantage. In other words, for Cyborg to fight someone her own size. Could just be me . . .

    • Good for Tito? I guess bro if you want an old exporn star for a wife who could lay on her back and open a car wash! Hoe seems fitting.

  • Marloes Coenen to the UFC,make it happen uncle Dana! ;D

  • Is Tito's big head getting even bigger?