Tito Ortiz Is Out To Prove That He’s Still In The Hunt...

Tito Ortiz Is Out To Prove That He’s Still In The Hunt For A Title


A week this Saturday, Bellator MMA will host its first pay-per-view event.

On the May 17 night, as from the Landers Center in Southaven, Mississippi, the promotion will put forth a card – Bellator 120 – that will be headlined by an Eddie Alvarez vs. Michael Chandler trilogy match, and in a fight for Alvarez’s BMMA lightweight title. Additionally, fans will be treated to a co-main event featuring former UFC light-heavyweight champion Rampage Jackson vs. Muhammed Lawal, with the pair duking it out in the brand’s light-heavyweight tournament finale; the winner gets a shot at champion Emanuel Newton and 100K for the win.

Sitting in the ‘show’ spot for the night is a 205 pound feature match between current BMMA middleweight champion Alexander Shlemenko – “Storm” is stepping up a class to take the fight – and another of the UFC’s former light-heavyweight champs, Tito Ortiz.

Coming into the fight many Bellator purists are giving Shlemenko the nod for the win, and for good reason. Regardless of “Storm” being the smaller fighter he carries with him a number of advantages.

Shlemenko is ten years younger, riding a 13 fight winning streak, is healthy and fresh out of the ring, having just beaten Brennan Ward on March 28 – submission victory, Bellator 109. By comparison, “The Huntington Beach Badboy” hasn’t competed in nearly two years, has had a myriad of health issues over his career, and is riding a three fight losing streak.

Beyond that, Shlemenko, for as young as he is, has it all over Ortiz in terms of ring experience. At age 29, “Storm” has 30 more fights under his belt than does Ortiz. Or to put it another way, the difference between their two records – 30 – is three bouts greater than the total number of fights that “THBB” has had in his entire career; 57 vs. 27, respectively. To say the least that’s a gap.

In terms of a winning percentage Shlemenko comes in at an impressive 88%, where Ortiz tips the scale at a more modest 59%. However, their finishing rates would be similar – 74% Shlemenko, 69% Ortiz.  

Aside from a slight height advantage – 6’2” vs. 5’11 – and maybe a few pounds going in – Ortiz appears to be the lesser of the two fighters. And where Ortiz may have fought a better pedigree of opponent over his MMA tenure, he’s often as not came up short in many of those fights. And of course, where Ortiz has always been a strong first round fighter and one known for his wrestling and ground and pound, all of it could be stifled by Shlemenko’s takedown defense.

In listening to his fight-journal, Ortiz says all the right things and he looks to be in fighting shape, but for those that have followed Ortiz’s career over the years they’ve heard the rhetoric before. The California native says that’s he’s “still in a hunt for a title”, but at age 39, two years of ring rust, a bad back, and going up against an opponent the likes of Alexander Shlemenko, it might asking too much of a veteran that’s already given so much to the sport.  

Video courtesy of MMAFighting.com


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  • http://lowkickmma.com/author/BruceLee Bruce Lee

    "I'm still in the hunt for the title…wait I stubbed my toe"

  • http://lowkickmma.com/author/apocalypse123 apocalypse123

    Still in the hunt for the title of most delusional MMA legend

  • http://lowkickmma.com/author/ripstic5021 ripstic5021

    Shlemenko!!!!!!!! Lets see him knock out tito with that vicious body shot he throws. Bellator is awesome and this fight card is pretty stacked.

  • http://lowkickmma.com/author/SpaceJam SpaceJam

    Tit once said he was fighting with a cracked skull…..Tito will not make it out of the first 2 minutes, he can pull a KO or sub out of his arse but he is so mentally weak when he gets hit with one decent shot he cowers up like a turtle.

    • http://lowkickmma.com/author/HunterB HunterB

      Kinda like you when asked where you train or where to find any stats or videos you claimed to have? You don't have to lie to kick it baby doll.

      • http://lowkickmma.com/author/kungfurule kungfurule

        trolling the troll lol

      • http://lowkickmma.com/author/SpaceJam SpaceJam

        I use to train at TopTier Muay Thai and GTT BJJ. I'm currently training at BlackBelt studios in my home town. I'm in the process of going to university and will have to move locations, so i will start training at 10th Planet BJJ soon. Tony Salaro was my old boxing coach. I got nothing to lie about sonny jim.

        • http://lowkickmma.com/author/akieyugames akieyugames

          whoa we got a REAL mma fighter right here guys,

        • http://lowkickmma.com/author/HunterB HunterB

          My original gym was a place called West Martial Arts Academy. They became sponsored by 10th Planet and now is called 10th Planet/Fight Time Fitness Sherman, Tx…. If that's true good luck, I wouldn't really use 10th planet all that much in an MMA fight but it is always good to learn everything you can.

          Maybe the original question I asked over 2 weeks ago could of been answered, instead of snowballing into a plethora of bullshit on both sides. JUST SAYING COCHISE. Keep it simple and stop spitting endless hate. Your hate monger dress isn't pretty.

  • http://lowkickmma.com/author/akieyugames akieyugames

    That's what he said when he was scheduled to fight Rampage few months ago.

  • http://lowkickmma.com/author/HunterB HunterB

    LMAO Tito Ortiz has accomplished and pioneered more than Shlemenko could ever dream of…. "and maybe a few pounds going in – Ortiz appears to be the lesser of the two fighters"

    Brian Cox, What the hell man, I thought you started at least researching what you're talking about?

    Lowkick will go no where with these types of ridiculous articles. Who has Shlemenko even beat? 57 career fights and who the hell has he beat that is even relevant. I know he lost to someone who is relevant. Twice. That's how I know who he even was.

    • http://lowkickmma.com/author/BrianCox Brian Cox

      Hunter – I stand by the assessment. I also think that Shlemenko is going to embarrass Ortiz next weekend in Mississippi. And when he does he'll finally have a big name to his credit. That is, of course, if anyone thinks that Tito is still a big name in MMA. Perhaps, then you'll know "Storm" as the talented middleweight that retired Ortiz.

      Question Hunter – do you watch Bellator? I mean if you don't and you haven't seen Shlemenko fight, then perhaps you're the one not doing your research.

      Enjoy Bellator 119 this evening.

      • http://lowkickmma.com/author/HunterB HunterB

        Yeah was busy. Will be catching it right now. The point of my article is that schlemenko hasn't beat a lot of top fighters. Good yes, well known and top ranked no.

        And if we are talking about what I know, I have watched Schlemenko since Bodog and ShoXC. I do know who he is. It was the discredit over Ortiz that i was addressing… Which now that I see all you said is he is a lesser fighter going in. Which is actually true. Sorry Mr. Cox.

  • http://lowkickmma.com/author/Ivy Ivy

    Tito will be back

    but don't bet a bag o' cheetos

    For Tito wants a real snack

    Better hide your burrito

    Tito Ortiz, ain't no slice of green cheese

    Just a mixed race motherfudger on quest

    To supress

    All the hate

    At the gate

    When he takes back the title

    You better be straight

  • http://lowkickmma.com/author/matt1926 matt1926

    I wish Tito would just retire. It's so sad to see what he has become. He has absolutely nothing to offer us inside the cage and Schlemenko is going to destroy him. Tito just talks now. The only thing that makes this fight interesting is Schlemenko moving up weight classes.

    Paying for a Bellator fight is like paying for a refill at Mcdonalds.