Thiago Silva Returns To The Ring On August 29 In Florida

Thiago Silva Returns To The Ring On August 29 In Florida


UFC light-heavyweight Thiago Silva was released by the senior circuit in the early part of February of this year (2014). The Brazilian fighter was cut by the promotion after he was arrested in Florida for allegedly assaulting his wife. Silva’s wife has asserted that the former 205 pound contender was high on cocaine when the incident occurred, and that he had brandished a weapon during the assault.

Currently out on bail and awaiting trial on a myriad of charges, Silva has now been booked into his first fight since the midwinter occurrence.

Silva is slated to make his Octagon return on August 29 (2014) in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, when he steps into the cage at Fight Time 20  against an opponent that has yet to be named.

Silva was last active in October of 2013, when he beat Matt Hamill by way of a unanimous decision at UFC Fight Night 29: Maia vs. Shields in Barueri, Brazil. On the night and at the event, Silva put on a pitiful performance that left many fans – including UFC President Dana White – questioning the fighter’s heart and dedication to his career.

His return to the ring demonstrates that Silva still has an interest in fighting. However, given the serious nature of the charges that he faces and the likelihood that he’ll be going to jail in the near future, it’s hard to see any purpose behind his return other than that of collecting a paycheck.

At 31-years-of-age and given his checkered past for drug failures – UFC 125 (falsified urine) and UFC on Fuel TV 6 (marijuana) – and what is apt to be a felony conviction for aggravated assault, it’s hard to see where Silva has a future in MMA.

If convicted of the offenses he’s charged with and sentenced to any serious jail time, Silva will probably be too old and carrying too much baggage for any reputable MMA promotion to be interested in signing him.

In short, logic would suggest that Silva ended his career in Oakland Park, Florida, on February 6, 2014, while in a drug induced, gun-toting rage, and there’s probably precious little that the fighter can do to reverse that course.

As the late-great Rick James used to say, “Cocaine is a hell of a drug.”   

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