The UFC Isn’t Going To Mexico Without Cain Velasquez

The UFC Isn’t Going To Mexico Without Cain Velasquez


At the end of 2012, the UFC announced it’s plans to return to South America and hold a major event in the Mexico. The UFC’s head, Dana White, also revealed plans to host The Ultimate Fighter Mexico all in 2014.

The UFC targeted their debut event in Mexico for the first half of next year. All seemed to be going to plan when the organizations hottest Mexican product,Cain Velasquez, retained his heavyweight title with his second win over Junior Dos Santos back in October.

Velasquez was expected to defend his title for the third time against Fabrico Werdum, at the UFC’s next event in Mexico. But with the champ recently having surgery on his shoulder those plans have been put on hold.

The heavyweight champion is coming off a unanimous decision win, in a rubber match with JDS back at UFC 166. Dos Santos is the only man ever to defeat Velasquez when he knocked him out winning the heavyweight title back in November 2011. Velasquez has won four straight fights since then, with two wins over JDS.

The champ had to undergo surgery to fix a torn labrum in his left shoulder and the date for his return is still undetermined. At a media scrum following UFC on Fox 9, this Saturday, White revealed his thoughts on the subject.

“Me and Lorenzo [Fertitta] were talking the other day about going to Mexico without Cain. I just don’t think it’s a good idea. I say we wait.”

Werdum has stated his desire to sit and wait for the champ to return, but the UFC aren’t as keen and are pushing for him to fight the winner of Travis Browne vs. Josh Barnett.

Werdum is on a three fight winning streak since returning to the UFC back in February last year. The Brazilian is 6-1 in his last seven fights, with his only loss coming to former Strikeforce heavyweight champ Alistair Overeem.

If Werdum vs. the winner of Browne/Barnett was to take place, the victor would more than likely find himself headlining a Mexico event for the heavyweight championship against Velasquez late next year.

Who do you think will headline the UFC’s return to Mexico?

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  • Entity

    I'll just skip this instead of starting siht.(no matter how justified I am)

    • MagicMMA

      Well now we want to know what you had to say

      • Bruce Lee

        I'll tell you what he was going to say: "Cain can hit hard but it's no joke, Obama is working with the UN to take our guns away and increase immigration" 😉

        • Brian Cox

          Geez, I thought Stewie was going to say…I wouldn't step foot in Mexico without Cain as a bodyguard, but I like your take on it, too.

          For the record, "F" the UN.

    • Brian Cox

      Stewie, come on.

      • Entity

        Well not what I was going to say Michael, but you are correct.
        And yes Fk the UN. United Numbnuts.

        • Bruce Lee

          I was close 😉

          • Brian Cox

            Michael you were close, but Stewie has other salient points that he'd probably care to outline. :-)

      • ALEX83

        "The heavyweight champion is coming off a unanimous decision win, in a rubber match with JDS back at UFC 166 "

        unanimous decision….have you watched the fight!

  • Bruce Lee

    Pssst Buster, Mexico is in Central America which is part North America. Great article otherwise.


    If Cain can't make the Mexico card, rematch Meledez & Sanchez and put that as the main event.