The newest episode of Alistair Overeem's critically acclaimed video blog/documentary series is up and ready for you to soak in. The episode is appropriately titled "Knockout" an obvious reference to the first UFC loss suffered by the former Strikeforce, Dream and K-1 Champion.

This is a great episode, it's the first time we get to see Overeem vulnerable and coping with any sort of failure in the octagon. When a man that large, powerful and dominant is crushed the way that he was, one can only imagine it to be taxing on the mind and ego of a fighter of his caliber.

The episode details the week leading up to the fight including the staredowns, threats and bad blood involved. Great episode overall, one of the best.

The only question I have is, what the hell was Overeem doing at The Home Depot for a book signing the morning after his loss?? If that's where the fighters are hanging out now I gotta start buying me some more lumber.