Some epic heavyweight action went down this past Saturday night at UFC 156. Just to give you guys a better idea of what took place, I took the liberty of breaking down the fight, and summarizing the rounds while making some interesting observations in the process. Check it out:

Round #1

- Overeem opens up employing a very low stance, more than likely for it’s defensive wrestling advantages, but it’s worth noting that he’s leading with his head and leaving his hands much lower than usual, in fact at a few points in this round he stood extremely close with his hands at his sides showing no respect at all for Bigfoot’s striking.

- Overeem seemed to be content with engaging a clinch against the cage after almost every flurry, where he’d follow up with the occasional knee to the body and legs and then break apart.

- Overeem looking for counters in this round, but is simply moving too slow to capitalize. Mind you Bigfoot didn’t really pose any sort of significant threat either.

- Bigfoot kept his hands way up and chin way down as he should, while Overeem did the complete opposite. Not smart.

- Overall rather uneventful round, Bigfoot paced himself not really showing any urgency, but definitely conserved energy by doing so. Overeem pushing a little more. Round one should go to Overeem for strikes landed and output.

Round #2

- Overeem reverting back to the same stance, clinches with Bigfoot, synchs with a single under hook, tosses Bigfoot to the mat swiftly and into side control.

- Bigfoot landing a couple really nice 9 to 3 o’clock elbows to the side of the head

- The majority of this round was spent in Bigfoots guard, with Overeem landing a handful of decent strikes mixing it up between the body and the head, Silva was content to defended and expend little energy

- Overeem lets up with 30 seconds left, Herb Dean stands them up and Silva pours it on, landing a few significant strikes, looking fresh. Overeem   beginning to look a little tired, but he wins the round based on the takedown, strikes landed and the duration of his dominant position on top.

Round #3

- Overeem oddly kept charging into Bigfoot with hands up and head down, Bigfoot begins teeing off on Overeem, landing some big shots, including a solid head kick, backing up the Dutchman.

- Overeem looks exhausted and lost from the flurry. Huge right for Bigfoot lands and another, two huge uppercuts snap Overeems head back, huge right, left, right, left. I count approx. 12-13 of these haymakers landing flush with the 11th putting the lights out and two more to seal the deal.

- Antontio needing to be pulled away in rage screaming at Overeems now lifeless and unconscious body. A BRUTAL knockout, a massive u[set and a huge win for Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva


Based on the explosion of energy and striking output by Bigfoot in the 3rd round, it seems that he may have employed somewhat of a rope-a-dope strategy. Knowing full well that Overeem hasn’t been known for his cardio, it’s very likely Bigfoot conserved his energy until he could take advantage without any potential retaliation from his opponent.

Overeem on the other hand fought similarly to his bout with Werdum, stance fairly low, not using his reach well and relying on his hands too much. Another thing to note – which is purely speculation – is that Overeem’s physique, power, speed and aggression didn’t seem to be consistent with what we’ve seen in the past. Which is interesting given that he just came off a suspension for increased levels of testosterone.

After viewing this match you have to ask yourself two questions, #1 has been Overeem been showcasing the skills of an elite striker? Some would say no based on the way his last few opponents faired on the feet. And #2, is there any correlation between his performance at UFC 156 and his drug suspension? That claim is ultimately for you to decide yourself.