The Arrogant & The Humble: Rank Them

The Arrogant & The Humble: Rank Them


Well, there has certainly been a great deal of discussion in the last few days about arrogance and it’s better looking sister, humility.

There is even rumor a-foot that one of these two qualities may have even cost a certain someone a certain something, over the weekend and maybe that’s a good place to start.

Many fans, including Silva fans, believe that it was his arrogance which cost him his belt. Strangely enough, on the other side of the Octagon that night stood a man who, although confident, seems to be the opposite of arrogant and is, rather, known for being a down-to-earth guy and quite humble. Or at least that’s my take on it.

So, with all the talk of arrogance and humility that’s in the air, LowKick has decided to throw open the debate to its members and for the purposes of determining, through collective quantification, exactly who are the most arrogant fighters in the UFC and which ones are the most humble.

When you have the time and motivation, please direct your mouse to the rankings page and its drop-down menu and cast your vote(s).

It will be interesting to see which fighter is chosen as most humble and who is chosen 2nd, as most arrogant. I say second, because I have a fairly good idea as to who will take 1rst in that category.  

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  • Anwargoku

    You won't get anyone as humble as Fedor

    • Brian Cox

      Wand is the very definition of humble. Mark Munoz is also very humble. To be honest, I think most fighters are.

      • NateDogg

        Wand? Humble? Gimme a break…

        Humble: Emelianenko Brothers, Shogun, Werdum.
        Arrogant: Koscheck, Thiago Silva, Mir.

        • Brian Cox

          Nate, your sentiments are the very reason the poll was created.

          Go vote, my MMA friend.

        • dropkickmurphy

          James Toney for most arrogant and shortest career?

    • therumblemma

      Well said .couldnt agree more. Man how Miss the guy fighting.

      •;starare1person dana&patrick; star are 1 person

        i think the most arrogant fighter is bob sapp, does everybody agree with me, i think that's the reason he lost his fights, but if he trains hard i think he will become the most successful fighter because of his charisma and athleticism.

      •;starare1person dana&patrick; star are 1 person

        i think the most humble fighter is mr ken shamrock and frank shamrock, i think there's no argument with that, in the fight with tito he was the one one who said sorry even though he beat tito because of herb dean.

    • Ringo

      Why nobody is mentioning Brett Rogers?

    • Bryan Fontez

      Main reason he is and forever will be my favorite fighter of all time.

      The best fighters are the one's who say nothing and then get in their and utterly destroy their opponents.

      As a fighter that coldness and lack of emotion would make me way more scared than an arrogant show off.

  • grandslam

    Without a doubt, Jon Jones tops the list of the most arrogant for me. For the most Humble, I'd like to rank Fedor as number 1.

    • Anwargoku

      Mir is arrogant everywhere, inside and outside the cage

      • Brian Cox

        If I had a wife as pretty as Mir's, I'd probably be arrogant too.

      • grandslam

        I've seen Mir loose too many times to consider him as arrogant. He is usually quite humble after loosing except when he fought Brock the second time. But then that was not arrogance. That was hatred against a man who in those days was considered to be the most arrogant and dangerous fighter in the HW devision.

        • Brian Cox

          Grand…as a big…big, Frank MIr fan and have been for a long time, I completely agree.

          I think he's misunderstood by many fans. He's a very bright, thoughtful, patient guy, a big family man and the only guy in MMA who's apt to refer Friedrich Nietzsche, in an interview. He's also a great MMA (broadcast) color commentator.

          I just flat out like the guy.

          • BjjFan

            he also says he walks around with a knife and a gun to protect himself at all times. draw your own conclusions.
            Mir talking about philosophy is about as legit as a parrot speaking English.

          • IChokePeople

            That isn't because he can't fight it is so he is prepared for anything.

      • ClosetCasey

        I have to agree about Mir. I hate that freaking smug look he has when doing interviews. God, I want to punch him in the face and run like mad.

        • Brian Cox

          Operative word in that post…Closet….is "run". Second operative would be "mad". :-)


          I wouldn't do it.

        • HunterB

          If Mir was ever chasing me, I would just jump on a motorcycle…. 😮

  • Burnout88

    I got Chael Sonnen #1 for both

    • grandslam

      Cheal Sonen will be very happy to see himself as no1 somewhere else other than trash talking.

      • Brian Cox

        Freaking..SNAP, on that!

        That was awesome. That is the sort of thing that I would expect from either Enjoy321 or Entity.

        You have become one of LK's best one-liners with that, Grand.


        You made me laugh, man. That was and is, a good one.

      • BjjFan

        Chael is happy to see himself.

  • akieyugames


  • Cookie77

    humble Fedor…… That guy does not look like he is going to a fight.

  • therumblemma


  • UnderdogGreatness


    • Brian Cox

      UDG…rarely do I find it difficult as to how to take you, but on this one you have me baffled.

      What does "really" mean to you, UDG?

      You are usually more opinionated and verbose. Usually you give us more to "chew" on and even if in opposition, I always appreciate your opinion.

      Simply curious, as to what "really" means.

  • ClosetCasey

    Yeah, Shogun's the most humble in my opinion. I don't think he's even considered thinking about talking smack to other fighters.

  • knn03

    Arrogant: Anderson Silva, Jon Jones, Shinya Aoki, Alistair Overeem, Josh Koscheck.

    Humble: Fedor, CroCop, Shogun, Brian Stann.

  • SatelliteMan

    GSP is pretty humble. Surprised no one's mentioned him.

    • dropkickmurphy

      Was going to say that it is a toss up between Fedor and GSP for humility.

    • akieyugames

      I am not impress wit yer humility.

  • enjoylife321

    Justin Timberlake- Most arrogant VIP guest

    • Brian Cox

      Have Usher and Chris Brown, not gone to UFC shows? If so, they would win that ranking.

      Either way, they all make me sick.

      • enjoylife321

        Chris Brown has a professional record of 1-0 undefeated.

        He doesn't seem to want to talk too much about his opponent.

  • TheRealDeal

    Most arrogant: Silva….. #2- Bisping….. end of poll. Move on.

    • Brian Cox

      Many probably see it the same way, Cage.

  • master-pogi60


  • master-pogi60

    Ugliest: toss up between Bigfoot and Wand

    • ClosetCasey

      Wand's a **** beast.

      • ClosetCasey