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Teixeira vs Bader, Cerrone vs Noons added to UFC 160


It looks like UFC 160 is shaping up into a pretty solid card thus far. You had questions regarding matchups folks and the UFC has nothing but answers for you.

For those of you who wanted to know what was next for Light-heavyweight prospect Glover Teixeira after thrashing Quinton “Rampage” Jackson for three rounds, the UFC has announced that he’ll be taking on Ryan “Darth” Bader. For those of you interested in what’s next for Donald Cerrone after his quick and decisive loss to Anthony Pettis, he’ll be taking on UFC newcomer and former Strikeforce contender KJ Noons.

Both fights should be interesting, all four fighters are exciting to watch and extremely durable, especially KJ Noons who was a former pro boxer and will make his debut after a split decision loss to Ryan Couture.

UFC 160 takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada on May 25th, 2013. Cain Velasquez defends his UFC heavyweight strap against Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva in the night’s main event, Junior dos Santos faces off against Alistair Overeem in the Co-main event and Stephen “Wonder Boy” Thompson faces Amir Sadollah.

The official fight card thus far is as follows:

Cain Velasquez vs Antonio Silva

Junior dos Santos vs Alistair Overeem

Glover Teixeira vs Ryan Bader

Donald Cerrone vs KJ Noons

Stephen Thompson vs Amir Sadollah

  • I think they're trying to get rid of Cerrone lol. He better not try to stand and trade with Noons though.

    • noons even lost to crazy horse bennett! noons wil get destroyed! look at his last fights…

      • NIce, way to bring up a fight that happened 6 years ago, dingaling.

        • yeah maybe. but still, look at his last fights… and believe me. he will loose big time against cowboy!

          • There's your childish "weak" right back at you dingaling.

          • you weaked me before. it was just revenge you dingaling

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            It reminds me of the music video to Beat it… (I just succeeded in making anyone who knows the reference feel old here 🙂

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          • i give you a sharp for that!

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          • Tag, you're it Baby Ads!

        • @Entity
          along with you I've seen loads of people saying cerrone will get smashed on the feet… did you not see Noons losing (fair enough controversially) in a stand up fight against Ryan Couture???

          If he doesn't blow Ryan Couture out the water standing… he will be kickboxed to death by Cowboy

          • I agree Keith, but if the noons that used to be shows up he is well within capable of defeating Cowboy. Noons used to be especially fast and dynamic like when he fought Diaz the first time. It was no contest in that fight as Diaz couldn't do anything to better Noons. In their second fight Noons looked fat and sloppy and it still went to a hard fought decision. If Noons gets it right this will be a very tough battle. If he comes as of recent, it will be Cowboy all night.

    • glover vs bader??? another boring fighters. they are not here to fight but to win just lyk gsp, not lyk alistair overeem.

  • Dame that's a tough fight for cowboy right after Pettis but hey kids a fighter so i hope he pulls out the win and can't wait to see Overeem get destroyed by JDS lol

  • Looks like Bader may get knocked back down the ladder too. Does Glover have good TDD ? Only watched a couple of his fights, and know he has good boxing, heard he was a beast , so I assume Baders only chance outside of the punchers, is wrestling.

    • From what we've seen he does but we haven't really seen his TDD tested.. this is a perfect fight to see how he can do against wrestlers

  • This is a great match for Glover, if he can' deal with Bader's wrestling he would never go far in the division or even have a chance against Jones so good for him to fight a top wrestler now while early in his UFC career – proving his TDD against Bader would heavily add to his hype and prove his skillset.

    Noons has a chance against Cowboy as when he's on he is a deadly fighter but I think he is past his prime and this will be a replay of the Cerrone/Stephens

  • Not an easy debut for KJ,still think he should drop to 145,they are cutting a ton of fighters,you gotta win if you wanna keep your job.

  • Can Overeem really have any chance against JDS? To me it looks like AO won't be able to take him down, and after watching his last fight with BF his stand up will be overshadowed alot by JDS. Ya the two are coming off losses and it seems like the right thing for the UFC to do, basically my question is, has AO any chance against JDS. (I think not). Still I'm looking forward to this fight.

    • Doubt it.

      But you never know. JDS didn't look himself last fight, even before he took some shots. Was kind of reverse compared to JDS/Cain 1, this time JDS was hesitant to throw.