Teixeira Thinks Heart Is The Most Important Thing For A Fighter

Teixeira Thinks Heart Is The Most Important Thing For A Fighter


Glover Teixeira is a fighter who finds “pure joy” in not only fighting, but in preparing for a fight.

The six-foot-two, 205 pound stand-up fighter and BJJ black belt, believes that God sometimes gives people a “special talent” and he believes that to be the case, in his instance. However and as far as Teixeira is concerned, having a divinely given talent is not enough. A fighter must work hard and sacrifice, to hone that talent.

To that end, Glover believes that the most important thing a fighter can possess is heart. That it’s not only a question of having the desire to win, but the willingness to persevere through the training; to commit.

For Glover it’s all about balance. A fighter must have a balance of heart and talent to be successful. One without the other can leave a fighter with a warrior’s spirit, but not the tools or conviction to win consistently and for Teixeira, the only way for a fighter to find and maintain that balance is through discipline.

On that point, Glover is a leaned study in discipline and hard work, and seems to have more than found his own balance between heart and talent.

He is a guy that appears destined to fight for the title and the only thing that may prevent that from happening sooner, rather than later, is Ryan Bader.

In his match with Bader, Teixeira is running up against another fighter who believes that he has the talent (divinely given or otherwise) and the heart to beat his opponent(s), and as such, will be looking to use that talent and heart to rob Teixeira of a victory that most assume he’ll get.

Inevitably, what we’ll see tomorrow night will be a clash of beliefs and whose belief is greater; Teixeira’s or Bader’s. As both fighters are aggressive, skilled, powerful and well-conditioned, this really will boil down to a battle of who wants it more.

For Glover, as long as his belief in his talent and heart doesn’t have him looking past the un-ranked Bader, he should garner the win. However, if his belief is such that he’s looking beyond Bader to the winner of Jones / Gustafsson, then he might find disappointment at the end of the fight, rather than victory.

Video Courtesy of Fox Sports.

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    Its very true. In training I met a lot muscluler mental midgets always get their *** kicked, And dude who are skinny, short weak looking dudes, but holy **** with incredible heart, always push 100%, smart, so hard to catch and even if you catch they tap on very last breath.