Home UFC Stefan Struve amused by McCorkle’s trash-talk ahead of their UFC 124 match-up

Stefan Struve amused by McCorkle’s trash-talk ahead of their UFC 124 match-up


  • these guys are like 20 ft tall combined. Gonna be fun to watch

  • McCorkle’s striking is terrible. He beat Hunt because Hunt has no wrestling or ground game.

    Struve is several levels above him skillwise and should be able to pick him apart on the feet or submit him as he chooses.

  • he wants a photoshop contest to make fun of Mccorkie lmao

  • Struve’s nickname should be Rosie Cheeks. He just looks like the world’s tallest 6 year old.

  • It’s weird that the Dutch have got almost identical accents to Americans. Kampmann too, sounds like a country-boy.

    Random trivia: Did you know that historical depictions of America and England in movies always have it wrong when it comes to accents? When America was founded, the English sounded like we Americans do today. Because America is so large, so spread out, changes in accent are diluted and take much longer. In 1800, the English sounded much like Struve sounds here. I wonder why the Dutch accent has not drifted as much?

  • This is not the discovery channel buddy

  • mccorkle will be the ‘next big thing’ in the hw division after he makes struve look like a bitch.. sorry but struve has the strength of a 5yr old with those long skinny appendages, so i see sean grabbin ahold and snappin something.. or gnp.. but hey, what the heck do i know.. i was the only person who gave roy nelson a shot against jds , he didnt almost win or anything, but did better than anyone else gave him credit for..

  • u were not the only 1.
    But I will disagree with u on this fight, Struve is a brawler and I bet he will KO McCorkle.

  • did u watch some documentary baked or something? I didnt understand one thing you were trying to say

  • do u know the mechanics behind throwing punches? or even the concept of muscle mass.. Struve can still be strong and look like he’s got “skinny appendages” becuz of his length, i would disagree that struve is week. also while its probably easier to grab a hold of a long arm, that also means reach advantage for struve and ive heard (havent personally watched mcorkle) that mcorkle has terrible stand up.. so we’ll see, dont count struve out

  • what does that even mean? are you saying you picked roy nelson to win or that you went out on a limb and said he has a chance? and the fact that he did lose and it was almost 3 months ago, kinda odd your using that to hype your handicapping skills