Sorbet For A Champion: Roy Jones Jr.

Sorbet For A Champion: Roy Jones Jr.


48 hours after the collapse and abrupt halt of the most storied record in UFC history, the world of MMA ponders Anderson Silva’s career and the next move in it. 

Where it’s up in the air for many, the aligned Silva fans seem bent on revenge and the only path to it, is back through the Octagon’s gate and to face the new middleweight champion, Chris Weidman.

However, before rallying for retribution let’s consider all the (knowable) options.

From what we can tell there are 3: Retirement / Re-match / Roy Jones’ Jr.

We’ll set aside the 1rst option, because although possible, I don’t think it will happen and if it did there’s no discussion to be had, anyway; no interest, there.  

I’ll set aside the second option (in favor of the 3rd) and simply because I think it’s the wrong choice; hence the article.

Option 3, I believe, is the way to go for “The Spider”.

I see Jones Jr. as the “sorbet” that is required to clean Silva’s fight palate between a loss to and a re-match with, Chris Weidman. I think a bout between the two is tailor-made for the situation and a match would solve a lot of problems with one fell swoop.

Here are 5 reasons for fighting RJ: 

1. Silva would get a break from MMA and by doing so, thinking about the loss, Weidman and a re-match. A mental breather if you will. 

2.It would allow him to do something that he’s always wanted to do, which is box and in particular, box “Superman”. By doing this, scratching-the-itch if you will, he could regain his focus.  As RJ said, “If you let him go and get that out of his system” then he’ll get it out of his “blood” and he can again hone in on Weidman.

3. A win or a loss, over or to Jones Jr. would mean nothing. Subsequently, there would be no pressure on him to perform, as there would be no expectation or consideration given to either victory or loss. This would be purely a sparring match and not one that Silva would be apt to get KO’d in.

4.Big Payout. It would be well worth his while financially.

5.The sands of the UFC 185 beach could well change in his absence. By the time Anderson was back from making millions boxing, Vitor Belfort could well be champion. Weidman is not going to sit around waiting for Silva and the logical choice for a match, would be to pair him up with “The Phenom”. It makes even more sense, when we consider that they could have the fight in Vitor’s (TRT-friendly) home of Brazil. Going overboard with it, Dana White could even put Silva / Jones Jr. on the card and have a super-event, as opposed to (simply) a super fight.

So, there you have it. My case, as to why I think Anderson Silva fighting Roy Jones Jr. is the smart move for Silva’s career, right now and why I believe RJ is the perfect muse for “The Wizard of 185”. Anderson needs a break from his steady diet of MMA and Superman is the sorbet, which should be served to him before he dines with “The All-American”, again.

The shortest distance between any two points is a straight line. Whether or not you think you can or you can't, you are right. Fast / Good / Cheap...pick 2. Better an honest word to the ear, than a stiff punch to the jaw; ego kills. A hall passed through with the doors open, is a...?
  • Entity

    lol Brian, my eyes fell out reading that tiny type.

    • Entity

      Article was almost worth it though 8P 8))

      • Brian Cox

        Entity, you are almost too kind. :-)

        • Entity

          lol, in the battle of wits you're a well armed adversary sir.

    • Brian Cox

      Yeah, sorry about that I imported it from "Word" and the bullet points didn't take. Oh, well. Perhaps I can figure out how to fix it tomorrow or for future reference either way.

  • akieyugames

    One thing for sure, the next opponent Silva faces should bring it, cause after Mr. Silva realizes his mistakes from the last fight, he's gonna go for some revenge and prove his spot in the p4p rankings. But for now, Imma collecting me some Weidman KO pictures and a liitle of those .gif images. haha

    • Brian Cox

      I would agree with that, Aki.

  • mauromina

    @ brian. so you really think they will get paid millions for a sparring fight? I think they could get paid millions but that fight would not be any sparring… of that im sure

    • Brian Cox


      Perhaps I should not have used that term. It would be a fight, but not like the ones we watch. To me, boxing is sparring. LOL!

      I guess my own MMA palette could have used its own sorbet, before writing that line.

  • rookybobby

    idk i'm still interested in seeing sliva vs jon jones in a superfight… a loss for silva really means nothing at this point in his career since he's captivated the world for so long. although a rematch or a fight with roy jones jr would be huge, i don't see why a fight with jon jones is all of a sudden irrelevant.

    • Brian Cox

      I agree, Rooky.

      I think to much time is spent focusing on a loss, when the overall record(s) are phenomenal. There's not an MMA fan in the world that wouldn't take a ticket to that fight. F-The Loss.