Sonnen Waits Upon A New Opponent

Sonnen Waits Upon A New Opponent


It was a little over a week ago that Chael Sonnen beat Shogun Rua in Boston and at the end of that Sonnen dominated 1rst round submission victory, “The American Gangster” stood center cage and called Wanderlei Silva a stacked pile of ****.

In doing so, he issued a 90 day challenged to “The Axe Murderer” to meet him in the Octagon and do battle. In reply, Silva said he’d accept the fight, but only under condition of getting a cut of the pay-per-view revenues. Based on that condition and in response to it, Dana White surmised that Silva must be intent on retiring, because he’s not going to be getting a slice of any PPVs.

Throw in one vitriolic video post from Silva, replete with English sub titles, deriding Sonnen and stating all the things Silva wants to do to him in the Octagon and what we end up with is a complete bust, of being able to put Sonnen / Silva together.

However, as Silva sits and waits upon a PPV check that will never come, Sonnen seems to have moved on and is now looking for a new opponent. More to the point, the American Gangster wants to find an opponent that will place him on either the UFC 167 or 168, cards.

As Sonnen said to “”:

“I know “Lil Nog” is going to fight with ‘Shogun,’ so he’s off the table and the real side of it, too, is that I just got done. I just got out of the ring exactly one week ago, so I started back for practice today. It was my first time breaking a sweat, and from here on, I’m back at it…but I don’t have any opponent. I’d really like to be part of the 20th anniversary show. I’m really looking to be part of the St-Pierre / Hendricks card.”

“I’ll fight one more time this year. That puts me between the St-Pierre card (and) the Chris Weidman card. So, I would like to be part of the 20th anniversary show. But one of those two dates match up well.”

The sad part of this is that as Sonnen worries about a finding an opponent and he’d probably take one at either 185 or 205, Wanderlei Silva is rested and available, yet unwilling to fight.

From “Wand’s” point of view and if this is truly about money, he’s foolish for not taking the fight. At age 37 and un-ranked within the 185 pound division, Silva has few options but to play by the UFC’s rules and even fewer cards of his own to counter with.

Aside from the money, he should look to take the fight to uphold his ring honor. A ranked fighter coming off of a big win has called him out and insulted him, in doing so. Silva should want to take the fight not only for the money that he could make, but also to take hold of a great opportunity and to defend his ring honor.

In short, there are far more reasons for Silva to take the fight then there are for him turning it down.  

As Sonnen continues to sit and wait upon his the announcement of his next opponent, I would hope, as a fan of Wand’s, that he would reconsider his decision and accept the fight, regardless of getting a cut in the PPV.

Silva should look to pick his battles better, because he has no hope of winning this one with Dana. On that subject getting a percentage of the PPV from White, Wand would stand a better chance of beating Sonnen in the Octagon.

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  • watermelon fresh

    Wandy is NOT afraid to fight Sonnen, but he's afraid to LOSE to Sonnen. Let's face it Sonnen won't sub or KO Wandy but may grind out a decision

    • Bruce Lee

      I'm not afraid to fight Sonnen either. I'm afraid of getting my face elbowed out the back of my head. Kind of the same thing in the end tho isn't it?

      • Kevin

        Haha well put!

      • toxic

        haha, sonnen couldnt punish a kitty cat..
        not even TRT boosted..

        • akieyugames

          im a shogun fan, shogun tapped. not very bright comment

          • toxic

            with punish I dont mean locking in a lucky submission.
            Rua wasnt hurt, he wasnt punished.
            Sonnen can lie on top of you for 5 rounds but you wont get hurt, he hits like a girl…

          • HunterB

            You're wrong son! Sonnen all day long in this fight.

    • HunterB

      Nah Brah, Wandy is scared

  • pxsn

    @toxic – yet 'tough as nails Shogun' tapped quickly …

    Sonnen by 'Wandy unable to continue before 3rd or 4th'

  • falcon4917

    I am not a Sonnen fan but to me Wand doesn't want to lose without a big pay check that heals up the hurting ego. He says he would fight Sonnen anywhere and now he has his chance and he's backing up with conditions for it to happen. He's pulling a Royler Gracie vs Eddie Bravo making the fight not happen by extremely unlikely last minute demands to either cancel the fight or make the likely loss worthwhile.

  • TheRealDeal

    Translation- Wandy is a monkey-faced PU$$Y.

  • rodenzi

    Sonnen will retire Magic Wand.