Sonnen Muses on WWE Commentating & Seagal

Sonnen Muses on WWE Commentating & Seagal


While on stage and answering questions, Chael Sonnen was asked his thoughts on working for the WWE as a commentator and what he thinks of Steven Seagal.

On the first subject, the 5 & 4 (UFC) fighter told the audience that he had been made an offer by WWE President Vince McMahon, but had told McMahon to “shove it up his ***, I’m not for sale.” Sonnen stated that he had made up his mind a long time ago to be with the UFC and that his commitment to the promotion is “for life.”

On the subject of Steven Seagal, Sonnen claims that the action movie star and accomplished martial arts expert, has been “paying those guys” (Silva / Machida) and that his relationship with the pair is one of sponsorship, only. Sonnen remarked, “Steven Seagal ran out of money and these guys have ran out of compliments. It’s a pretty weird coincidence, don’t you agree?”

On this particular issue, I find it hard to believe that Seagal has been paying Silva or Machida for access to them (sponsorships or otherwise) or that he has run out of money or that he is not legitimate friends with both fighters. Then again, perhaps Sonnen knows better than fans and media, as to the true nature of the relationships.   

That said, Sonnen has also claimed up-and-down that the Nogueira brothers thought a Las Vegas bus was a horse and that they tried to feed and pet it.

He also claimed in a radio interview with Larry Pepe, that Lance Armstrong hand given himself cancer as a result of (his) steroid use and then he denied ever having made the remarks. Of course, a year later he acknowledged having done so.

He also told fans that the reason he couldn’t travel to Canada to fight (UFC 161) was because he had “visa issues”, when the reality was / is that he couldn’t / can’t enter Canada because he’s a convicted felon (for money laundering) and currently on probation.

All of it aside, he’s still the greatest hype man in the UFC and could well teach a course to other fighters on how to get “known” and subsequently, on how to get “paid”.

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  • cranestyle

    "Steven Seagal ran out of money and these guys have ran out of compliments. It’s a pretty weird coincidence, don’t you agree?"

    If it isn't true, it should be! Seriously, though…as a stand up comedian, Chael is a hell of fighter. Or is it the other way around?

    • Brian Cox

      Crane, I think it might be the other way around.

  • watermelon fresh

    I tend to agree with Chael on this but rarely find him funny. I am shocked that so many people do. He's a copy cat and basically a parrot of other people and annoying. He's lost drawing power with the one sided defeat to Jones and look for it to continue after Shogun knocks him out.

    • Brian Cox

      I too, believe he's lost his drawing power.

    • SatelliteMan

      I'm not sure if he's lost his drawing power. It's the same principle behind soap operas, the emotional rollercoaster never gets old. It's just that the previous 'storylines' have been resolved. I'm sure Chael will create for drama for our entertainment.

      • SatelliteMan

        More drama*

  • UnderdogGreatness

    I can't stand this idiot.

  • angleslam1

    More Chael!