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Sonnen and Florian Predict UFC 160


Chael Sonnen and Kenny Florian appear on “UFC Tonight” to pick the winners of Saturday’s huge UFC 160 card. The event features a heavyweight title rematch between Cain Velasquez and Antonio Bigfoot Silva, a power striking war between Junior dos Santos and Mark Hunt, a lightweight title contender bout featuring Gray Maynard and TJ Grant, and a light heavyweight tilt between the rising Glover Teixeira and the dangerous Jame Te-Huna.

This should be quite the Memorial Day event, continuing the tradition set by last year’s heavy-hitting UFC 146.


  • Cain, JDS, Teixeira, all win in impressive fashion…..Maynard gets a close decision.

    • No argument here.

    • You read my mind brother

    • Don' t sleep on Te-huna!

      • Te-huna is a good fighter, entertaining fighter, but he's tailor made to get handled by Glover… The UFC tends to do this with people they think can be rising stars from time to time.

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  • Cain is faster, has better striking and wrestling but after the KO win over Alistair, personal momentum is on Big Foot's side. He is hungrier and would have worked on a better game plan by now. This may be an upset with Big Foot pulling out a W.

    JDS by decision – an exciting fight nonetheless.

    Teixeira,bad match-up for te-huna. Can't wait to see glover slug it out with a legit top 5 (winner of evans-hendo perhaps? or even mousasi).

    Maynard by decision.

  • they know sh*t, mark will KO srantos, who talks so much cr*p that i'm starting to think he is f*cking retarted