Soa "The Hulk" Palelei is probably not a guy that his opponents like to see angry. Like the Marvel Comic character, Palelei is used to smashing and destroying everything and anything that stands in his way.

The 6’4”, 265 pound Australian, has a career record of 19 & 3, is on a nine fight winning streak (1 & 0 UFC) and has finished every fight that he’s been in; 100% finishing rate.

The Hulk likes to take his victories on the feet, with 15 of his wins coming by way of either TKO or KO, and will stand a significant test to his December 7th, Ultimate Fight Night 33 opponent, Pat “HD” Barry.

As is the case with most of his fights, “Hype or Die” will be going into the fight the shorter, smaller man and giving up five inches in reach advantage to Palelei. However and as all fans know, height, size and reach disadvantages have never stopped Barry from KO’ing an opponent.

All things considered, the Brisbane, Australia card looks to be eminently entertaining, and one that carries with it a number of marquee names. The top of the card match between Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva and Mark “"The Super Samoan" Hunt is a definite must see for fans, as the big Brazilian will be putting his (number four) heavyweight division ranking on the line, against Hunt. If the Super Samoan can take home the win, he should experience the same rankings bounce that Robbie Lawler got from beating Rory MacDonald this past weekend, shooting up the heavyweight ranks to replace Bigfoot at number four.

All in all, fans should get their money’s worth out of this free event.

Video courtesy of Soa Palelei