Soa Palelei On Win Over Pat Barry: I Made A Statement Tonight

Soa Palelei On Win Over Pat Barry: I Made A Statement Tonight


It’s been quite a good year for UFC heavyweight newcomer Soa Palelei. The Australian made his Octagon return earlier this year scoring a third round TKO over the Nikita Krylov. He easily topped his return last night with a first round knockout of Pat Barry.

“The Hulk” was happy with the victory, which stretched his win streak to ten:

“It is a big win, and especially against Pat. But I’m happy to be representing Australia, and putting Australia and Perth on the map.”

Palelei debuted for the company back in December 2007, where he was TKO’d by Eddie Sanchez in the third round at UFC 79. His second fight in the company was a win but it failed to impress, as he beat Krylov in a lacklustre fight.

So Palelei wanted to make his third fight for the organization one to remember. “The Hulk” did just that. After avoiding a few low kicks from Barry, Palelei landed a takedown and it was downhill for “HD” from there.

“I’ve been doing it for the past 16 years,” Palelei said. “I’m a first-degree Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt. I’m really confident that if I get on top of you, you ain’t getting me off. I know what his punches are like, and I knew Pat wouldn’t hit harder than Mark,” he said. “But I had to watch out for Pat’s kicks, because he’s got some real dangerous kicks.”

At 36 years old,  Palelei may not have a lot of time left to impact the heavyweight division, so he wants to spent as much time fighting as possible.

“If the UFC tells me to fight another show, I’m happy to hop in there,” he said. “I’ll take a few weeks for Christmas break, but I’m ready.”

After his impressive first round victory, Palelei hopes he has sent a message across the heavyweight division. “The Hulk” is now 2-1 in the UFC and 12-1 in his last 13, with 12 finishes.

“I respect Pat as an athlete and a sportsman,” Palelei said. “He’s a really dangerous fighter. I was really worried about his kicks, but I played my game and hopefully, I made a statement today.”

Palelei did indeed make a statement. With his impressive win over Barry, the Australian shot himself up the heavyweight rankings. “The Hulk” seems to have found a new stride in his step. He never took any damage against Barry so he could be back in the Octagon sooner than later.

With the heavyweight division’s relative lack of depth, he could find himself up against a top ranked opponent next. What do you think of “The Hulk’s” win at UFC Fight Night33? Is there anyone who you want to see him fight next?

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  • enjoylife321

    Roy Nelson or Bog Nog…Ben rothwell is suspended 9 months so he can't fight.Brendan Schaub is another guy. I'd like to see him matched against a jujitsu guy so he doesn't go to town and it is fairly matched.

  • Brian Cox

    As a big Pat Barry fan, he's too small for the division and he doesn't have the ground skills to hang with high level ground fighters if taken down. I'd love to see Pat fighting at 205. I miss his KOs'

    • enjoylife321

      @Brian….Pat Barry is hit and miss with his fight record….At his height he needs to do what Lombard is doing and go down down down to light heavyweight. He is getting eaten up at HW

      • IChokePeople

        I don't think Pat would be any more successful at LHW. I like the guy a lot. He is an excellent striker. He does have some major holes in his ground game but that can be fixed. What can't be fixed is his "chin". The guy has been KOd four times in the last 2 years (3 times in his last 4 fights). If I were him I think I would be considering retirement. Too many KOs is no good.

        • TheXperience

          HW's are too big and powerful fro Pat.. that's why he needs to drop down. If he's really wants to and makes some drastic changes in his diet, he could probably even fight at Middleweight.

          Palelei is right, he made a statement! He proved (once again) that Pat does not belong in the HW division…. other than that, this win is really not that significant. He beat a midget with no chin, that's hardly impressive. I'd like to see Palelei vs Roy Nelson or Gonzaga, let's see where he's really at in the division! Daniel Cormier picked him up and threw him down to the ground like he weighs 2pounds and then beat the $hit out of him!

  • watermelon fresh

    He proved he could destroy a gatekeeper in Barry. That's about it. Honestly, Pat Barry probably should not be in ufc. His ground game is non existent at this level. For his own safety I think ufc should cut him. He's undersized and lacks wrestling and bjj. I know I will get a lot of hate for this post. I like Barry, good kickboxing and great guy, just not sure he should be at this level.

  • Ivy

    Pat Barry has made a case for being HW gatekeeper at 3-14 in the UFC.