Silva To Train In Thailand: Jones Jr. & Super-Fights Still On His...

Silva To Train In Thailand: Jones Jr. & Super-Fights Still On His Mind


In the aftermath of his recent loss to Chris Weidman, Anderson Silva is going to Thailand to train and in doing so, is looking to correct any technical mistakes he may have made in his bout with Weidman.

In speaking with the Portuguese news service “Estadao” the former champion stated:

“I did not have to put the blame on my team. Who made ??the mistake was me. I’ve made ??a technical error. I cannot put the blame on my team. Now is reviewing what I did wrong technically, that is something we are already doing, and think forward. We have a nice workout calendar, soon going to Thailand to spend time there and then back to finish our training in Rio.”

Beyond that, Silva said that he’s put the loss behind him and will focus on the re-match.  

On the question of another loss and it leading to retirement Silva said “I do not know. I think it will all depend on what will happen after my conversation with Dana. That was a great question for Dana White.”

Other points of interest in the interview are that Silva is still motivated to do super-fights, but knows he has to deal with Weidman first.

Further, Silva says it is his intention to fulfill his new contract and “make those 10 fights.”

When asked about fighter pay, “The Spider” said that the sport is young and that better pay is “a matter of time.”

On the matter of the UFC being a monopoly, Silva said that he thought it was a monopoly, but that he takes his “hat off (to the UFC), not only for them but also for athletes who helped build this brand.”

Regarding MMA becoming an Olympic sport, the former champ said “I think you have no chance to turn this Olympic sport, has nothing to do with Olympic sport.” With that said, Silva said it had always been a dream of his to be in the Olympics and to possibly compete in Taekwondo, however, his schedule has not permitted that to happen.

On the matter of a boxing match with Roy Jones Jr. Silva commented:

“Sure, it’s my dream fight Roy Jones Jr. It’s a personal desire of mine, he also said he wanted the fight to happen and I hope that happens soon. I have a contract with the UFC; I think it has to be something conversed with Dana and Lorenzo, so they release me to make this fight. I think it will happen yes.”


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  • akieyugames

    Your technical error was your dishespecting showboating, fix that and we'll have a good fight. plus, study the art of not being hit a single time in a fight from no other than the sensei of senseis, the great Steven fcuking Seagal! …………..Both of them want to prove something, Chris wants to prove the 1st isn't a fluke, and Anderson wants to prove he is still the best fighter in the world, doubt the second fight is going past the 3rd round. Hope they can squeeze Nick Diaz on that 10 fights.

    • Bruce Lee

      I think Anderson was wrong to call it a technical error. It was a strategic error.

      Poor strategy to goof around, try and lull the opponent, arms down, faking being rocked. A technical error is what GSP did with the arm bar on Dan Hardy.

      Semantics I suppose but a technical error is more forgivable. Learn the technique. The strategic error is a dumb misjudgement.

      • enjoylife321

        @Michael S…He just can't find it in himself to admit what really happened. I would love to see DR Phil intervene with his famous catchphrase

        "What the hell were you thinking"?

  • fightgame

    Is there a place in the world, where they would teach you how to beat your opponent, while not really fighting him, and just clowning around with your hands down?

  • enjoylife321

    Silva is heading o Thailand….Is that to train Muay Thai or spend time with the monks ?

    • akieyugames

      Meanwhile…Steven Seagal waits atop a mountain in Thailand.

  • TheRealDeal

    Technical errors? I thought dropping your hands and acting like an A$$ was MMA 101 learned on day1 of training……

  • greeneyeleo

    You are all fools! He's going to Thailand to train with Sagat from SreetFighter! For those of you who are unaware: "Once an unplayable boss, Sagat later became a playable character. Sagat is depicted as a well-renowned muay thai expert known for his incredible power. He is often called the "Emperor of Muay Thai" in his home country." A few weeks of tweaking by Sagat and Anderson will regain his belt! "TIGER UPPERCUT!"


    All he has to do is be serious, changing camp wasn't a must.

  • watermelon fresh

    Silva still has not really accepted responsibility for his horrific performance, he keeps saying that he made a " TECHNICAL ERROR" that it was basically bad mechanics. He is not being honest with himself. He has a complete mental/emotional meltdown in the fight and lost his way and got KO – He was NOT ABLE to slip Weidman's punches and was acting like they were not bothering him.

    Based on his attitude and the fact he's not being honest with himself leads me to believe he will lose badly to Weidman the next time out. This is not looking good for SIlva right now.

  • Brasil

    Could not agrre more with Watermelon….

  • Brasil

    Ps…Silva is the Goat!

  • kickassfast

    hopefully he trains some serious clinch work and we can see him use that again