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POLL: Should ‘Big Nog’ Retire From MMA After Knockout Loss To Roy Nelson?


Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira returned to action last night in Abu Dhabi, looking to reignite his glory years at Fight Night 39 against Roy Nelson. Unfortunately for ‘Big Nog’, he was the recipient of a brutal first round knockout, courtesy of a ‘Big Country’ right hand. The KO marks the second fight in a row that Nogueira has been finished.

Before joining the UFC back in 2007, Nogueira had only lost four times, and had never been stopped in competition. Since that time, ‘Minotauro’ has lost five fights, and all have been stoppages. Frank Mir shocked the world when he TKO’d ‘Big Nog’ at UFC 92, and then submitted the former Pride champion three years later at UFC 140.

Time waits for no man in MMA, and perhaps last night was a sign that the game has just passed Nogueira by. It’s sad to say, as ‘Big Nog’ is a great fighter with a huge heart. Is it really necessary for the 37 year old to take any more punishment? With a title run looking unlikely at this point, should Nogueira call it quits on a legendary career?

  • Had big nog won people would have been calling for a title shot and for bog nog to be Brazils next president….The dude got caught plain and simple….Heavyweights hit hard and no one's head is designed for an overhand right or a massive uppercut….I'm not saying big nog has five to ten fights left in him but everyone needs to take a cold shower.

    People were saying shogun should retire before his last KO win….I say give big nog and frank mir another run around the paddock…

    Big nog is not going out like this, he is a legend in the sport

    • Chuck Liddell is a legend in the sport too.

      If Big Nog sticks around for a few more, there's a good chance he could go out the same way he did. Not everybody gets the storybook ending.

    • It's time for Nog to retire man… it's not just the loss, it's the way he looked in the fight. He looked OLD dude..! He just looked old and tired. He has great boxing skill so the movement was still there, more instinct than anything else, but he basically has nothing left at this point. He's had a long great career and there's no need for him to become Liddell #2 getting knocked out left and right. Same goes for Mir… Mir is just done! He's on a 4 fight losing streak… They're fighters and have that fighters spirit, so they will always "try" and they're always "willing", but someone needs to protect these fighters from themselves for their own good. The UFC should retire them both.

    • "Had big nog won people would have been calling for a title." You should probably separate the voices in your head from other living people.

    • Enjoy, he is a legend and I have the greatest respect for him but lets be honest, Roy Nelson is not the best fighter around and he caught Big Nog with a big right 3 times in their short fight.

      I like him too much to watch him circle the drain.

      • @Michael…you and XP are right on this one…If Big Nog has been around this long and can no longer challenge the best than I guess its in his best interest to move on. I just think he will be looking for his own redemption in a final match up before he retires in an attempt to go out on top. That was one of the hardest KO's to watch though..Round one KOs are the worst when guys are fresh and hitting the hardest. Nelson really blasted poor nog

  • A broken arm.. Brutal knockout. This guy doesn't owe anything to anyone. It is time to retire. One of the most entertaining fights I have ever seen.. Bob Sapp vs big Nog. Goldberg commentating. His fights against Fedor and Crocop were epic.
    One of the greatest heavyweights of all time.

  • He capable of beating some heavyweights but not the top dogs.
    That was a bad match up for nog since hes slow.

  • he looked like every other fighter that's fought well past his prime and at this point is getting embarrassed. funny how history repeats itself

  • should stop ASAP!!!!!!!