Shogun Rua Is Looking To Stay At Light-Heavyweight

Shogun Rua Is Looking To Stay At Light-Heavyweight


Maurício “Shogun” Rua is a former Pride FC middleweight champion (2005) and a previous holder of the UFC’s light-heavyweight title; UFC 113, 2010; Lyoto Machida.

He’s a fighter that prefers to stand and trade with his opponents, and as he recently demonstrated two weeks ago at UFN 33 in Brisbane, Australia, and as against James Te Huna, Rua has more than enough power to turn out any fighter’s lights.

However, where Shogun has shown moments of absolute brilliance in the UFC’s Octagon, he’s also and just as equally, looked outclassed; his last loss, that to Chael Sonnen at UFN 26 in August, being the best example of such.

At 6 & 6 in the senior circuit 205 pound class, Rua has stopped the likes of Chuck Liddell, Lyoto Machida and Forest Griffin, but has yet to put together a winning streak. And although he was able to take the division’s title, he was subsequently unable to defend it. Simply put, Shogun has been a hit-and-miss fighter at light-heavyweight and to the point that there have been rumblings of the Shogun dropping to middleweight, and seeing if he’d have better success in the lighter division.

To the point, Shogun himself has mused about the move to 185 and perhaps even more importantly, the UFC’s President has waxed about the idea, and as recently as Rua’s last fight. On the subject, Dana White pointedly stated that if Rua had lost to Te Huna earlier this month that he would’ve had “that conversation” with him; meaning retirement. More exactly, White stated that if Rua had lost to Te Huna that he would have been “interested in giving him a run at 185”, but apparently that would have been more of an ultimatum than an offer.

However, Shogun did win and he won big. As such, he’s breathed fresh life and confidence into his 205 career and from what Rua is saying past the Te Huna victory, he has no intention of moving to middleweight.  

In speaking with,Maurício made his intentions known and it’s clear that he wants to stay at light-heavyweight. As Shogun put it”

“I’ll stay at 205, there’s no way (I can drop to 185). I spoke with my team after the fight and they said I shouldn’t, so I won’t. I’ll stay at 205.

The light-heavyweight division is the toughest division. I won two world titles in this division, so I’m adapted to it. My dream is to win the title again, but I’m only thinking about my next fight. I’m not thinking about the title now.”

In terms of whom Shogun is anticipating as his next 205 challenge, it appears that Rua thinks it could well be the number five ranked fighter in the division, Antonio Rogerio Nogueira.  

As Shogun put it, “Sure, it could be ‘Minotouro.’ He’s done great recently, so this fight could happen.”

In a compression of the two fighters, it’s a good match for both.

As with Shogun, Nogueira likes to stand and will probably be more than happy to give Rua the fight that he wants, which would be to stand and trade. However, and like Rua, he can fight on the ground should he elect or need to do so. All round and given the rankings, a match between the pair makes sense and taking into account that both fighters are healthy and currently un-booked, it seems that the duo could well be assigned to one another.  

Further, it’s a fight that would give Nogueira a chance to avenge his 2005 Pride FC decision loss to Rua and that’s probably more than enough to get Minotouro to sign on.

All in all, fans shouldn’t be shocked to see this fight announced in the coming months.


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  • ImmaBoss

    Well i actually had hoped Shogun would of moved to middleweight as it would have forced him to increase his cardio and thus become a much bigger threat in the division and in terms of relevance but oh well still love the guy and wish him the best of luck

    • Brian Cox

      I think a lot of people would like to see Rua take at least a fight at 185.

      To put it simply, I Chael Sonnen can make it, so too can Rua; if he wants.

      Merry Christmas, Imma; best to you and yours.

      • ImmaBoss

        Thank You and Marry Christmas to you and all the low kick members

  • D

    I don't believe he can't make 185. He would just have to get in shape for the first time in his career. It's too bad he's not willing.

    • Brian Cox

      Agreed. I have no problems believing that Mike Dolce couldn't carve 20 pounds off of Rua, and comfortably fit him into the middleweight division.

      In terms of his team telling he shouldn't do it, his team will probably tell Rua whatever he wants to hear. At middleweight, he still has a chance to be champ. At LHW, I think it's a pipe dream.

    • Brian Cox

      PS: Forgot to say Mousasi, Merry Christmas; my best to you and your family.

  • HolyGrimace666

    Yess, I'm more than trilled Shogun is staying at 205! He doesn't need to go down, the dude just needs a little TLC… No wait, I messed up. I meant TRT lol

  • Dastardly_Dave

    The concept of prize fighter vs. making a run at the belt needs to discussed when talking about guys like Shogun.
    It seems like you kind of have to say "I want to be no.1" in MMA ( a concept I wholeheartedly understand) these days.

  • Dastardly_Dave

    Cutting those 20pounds might make life not worth living for a guy like Shogun who has already been a champ twice and maybe just wants to have fights at a weight class that he's comfortable & healthy at. As long as he's competitive and not getting hurt( the Jones fight was scary) I'd pay to see Shogun fight any day , guys a savage and puts in a good show.