‘Shogun’ Considering A Drop To 185?

‘Shogun’ Considering A Drop To 185?


Former UFC champion Mauricio Rua has slowly been falling down the light-heavyweight ranking’s since he lost his belt to Jon Jones at UFC 128. Prior to his fight with Jones, ‘Shogun was 15-3 in his last eighteen bouts; which included him winning the 2005 Pride Middleweight Grand Prix.

Since his fight with Jones, Rua is 2-3 in his last five and was dominated in his last two by Chael Sonnen and Alexander Gustafsson. His next fight is against tough Australian James Te Huna at UFC Fight Night 33, a loss against Te Huna would put ‘Shogun’ on a three fight losing streak. Even with a win its doubtful Rua will ever challenge for the title at 205lbs again.

Recently we have seen many UFC veterans drop down in their weight class to try and reinvigorate their careers. One of Rua’s former opponent’s Lyoto Machida has recently done just that, knocking out Mark Munoz in his middleweight debut at UFC Fight Night 32. Rua hinted at a possible drop down to 185lbs in a recent Q&A that he hosted prior to Fight Night 32, ‘Shogun’ had this to say:

“It might happen, but for now I have a fight scheduled. I would have to do some medical exams to see if it’s possible. My normal weight is 228, 231 pounds. Maybe I can maintain my performance. I would need to think about it, but that’s something that can happen.”

A drop to middleweight could give him the career boost he needs and there are plenty of high profile bouts that could await him. If Rua can safely make the weight it would be wise for him to do so as he could potentially enter the title picture with one fight in the division. What do you think, should ‘Shogun’ drop down to 185? Or is it time for the Brazilian to call it a day and hang up the gloves?


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  • http://lowkickmma.com/author/thexperience1 thexperience1

    Ofcourse he can make the weight.. he just needs to stop eating CRAP! He often looks very much out of shape at LHW, so there's no doubt he could make MW if he really wants to. Someone please forward him Dolce's contact info………….!!

  • http://lowkickmma.com/author/Garson Garson

    Shogun Rua vs Vitor Belfort at 185?
    Yes please ^_^

  • http://lowkickmma.com/author/falcon4917 falcon4917

    Silva must be retiring or something because all the guys that would never fight him are joining his weight class now and are still not calling him out so there must be knowledge that the King is passing the crown soon.

    • http://lowkickmma.com/author/IGMBurninPiff IGMBurninPiff

      @Falcon, either that or they all truly believe Weidman is going to beat him again. Well I too believe it's your choice that makes more sense. I've been seeing the signs of it. I do hope if he is going to retire he didn't take this rematch as a giant payday farewell and atleast is going out there to avenge his only UFC loss before he goes. It'd be a shame to see the GOAT retire on back to back losses. I'd love to see Shogun vs Anderson at 185 by the way.

    • http://lowkickmma.com/author/Kris-tyahn Kris-tyahn

      He just signed a 8-10 fight contract, he's not retiring. People are moving down, b/c they seen Silva get KTFO & Sonnen beat Silva 6 of 7 rounds, and they'd rather fight Silva than Jones. Silva is an "easier" fight, than Jones is, even if Silva beats Weidman, people are still going to want to fight Silva b/c he's no longer the unbeatable force, as for Jones, he's still "undefeated" (that Hamill decision was such a joke) – but Jones is undefeated as Champ.

      December 28 will tell us a lot about Silva & his head/mental aspect & his chin.

  • http://lowkickmma.com/author/phildocta phildocta

    ive been thinking shogun should drop to 185 for years, it blows my mind how out of shape hes always been at 205, just think how much of a beast he could be at 185, i really hope he does.

  • http://lowkickmma.com/author/kungfurule kungfurule

    With his bad knees it makes sense to be lighter for sure.