Shannon Lee Gives Bas Rutten A Tour Of Her Dad’s Treasures

Shannon Lee Gives Bas Rutten A Tour Of Her Dad’s Treasures


The most iconic name in all of martial arts history surely has to be that of Bruce Lee.

He was a living legend in his own time and in death, has only become bigger. In the 40 years since his passing Lee has in no way diminished in his importance to the culture of martial arts, and the impact that he had on Hollywood and the genre of action movies is still felt, to this day. He was, simply put, the first true bad *** of the silver screen. Movie fans were in awe of his cat-like abilities and physique. No one, including other great “tough-guy” actors of the period, many of whom were Bruce’s friends, would ever kid themselves about who the real “man” was.

However, Bruce was so much more than an incredible martial artist and physical specimen. Lee had an incredible personality. He was the guy that could light up a room the moment he entered it. He was, in a word, charismatic. Bruce simply had a way about him. He was bright, charming, articulate man and one with a tremendous sense of humor. He was the whole package; inclusive of being a brilliant actor.

This week, another great legend of MMA, Bas Rutten, was given a tour of some of Lee’s personal treasures and as by Bruce’s daughter, Shannon. Of the pieces that Bas was shown, fans have a chance to see a number of legendary items from Lee’s life, many of which, at least in metaphor, showed up in the bio-pic that bears his name; Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story.

One item that fans get to see is the (model) grave and tombstone Bruce had commissioned post his infamous Oakland challenge match. Fans will be aware of this fight and its significance, as it was  featured prominently in the movie of his life. Of particular interest regarding the piece, is the inscription Bruce had transcribed onto the model’s tombstone. It reads as follows:

“In memory of a once fluid man crammed and distorted by the classical mess”.

It’s certainly an interesting item, and one has to wonder what it would fetch at auction if Lee’s fans were allowed to bid on it.

However, the show stopper has to be the books that Shannon (had) brought out for exhibit; a seven volume, hand written set called “Commentaries on the Martial Way”. In looking at them and if you’re a fan of Lee’s, it’s hard not to think that weren’t looking at some ancient and valuable manuscript; something religious and holy in its nature. The books, to say the least, were / are impressive to see.

Here are a few minutes with Bas Rutten and Shannon Lee, as they discuss her dad and the greatest martial artist of all time, Bruce Lee.

Video courtesy of AXS TV Fights

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  • DeeJaySlyTee


  • Mike Drahota

    I agree. Lee has always been an iconic figure and a pioneer of mixed martial arts. I remember reading old training books of this strung together kickboxing to wrestling to submissions. Very ahead of its time. Lee will always be a legend and I still wonder how he would have fared in the Octagon.

    • Brian Cox

      What low-life would weak a positive comment about Bruce Lee?

      Note to management: track that IP.

    • Brian Cox

      What low-life would weak a positive comment about Bruce Lee?

      Oh, sorry, it must be the same twit that weaks' everything I post; *****.

      Note to management: track that IP.

  • fightgame

    Bruce Lee had a big ego and a loud mouth. He played is some cheesy movies, in which he was kicking everybody's *ss. Sorry, but I do not see how that qualifies him as 'the greatest martial artist who has ever lived'. He was quick, and he did have some skills, but trying to turn him into some bigger-than-life martial artist works only for the Hollywood honchos, who are trying to milk a dead cow.

    • IChokePeople

      Read what is available of his writings. NO ONE was training like him or thinking like him at that time. Only in the last decade or so has the rest of the martial art world begun to catch up to Lee and begun to emulate what he was doing 40 years ago via MMA training and even there we have a sanitized version of what he developed with rules. The top level martial artists of the day who got to train with him all described his abilities as unbelievable. Lee's greatness is self evident to anyone who reads his writings and history with any understanding of combat. I am not saying that you do not understand combat but if you do and you still hold the opinion you espouse above then you have not read what he actually thought or about the way he trained. The stuff he did in the movies has very little to do with his actual "style".

    • Entity

      Fightlame has to be a troll or something. It's common knowledge that people challenged him on a regular basis and he never lost. One of the baddest over seas fighters came to challenge him and Lee was angry afterwards that it took one minute longer than he wanted to finish him. Many said they had never been hit so hard in all their lives. 2ndly from a guy who would get his azz whooped in 3 seconds by Lee, you might just want to STFU.