Shane Del Rosario suffered a catastrophic cardiac arrest on Tuesday of this week, a tragedy that has the MMA world in shock and praying for the UFC and Strikeforce veteran. The 30 year old was rushed to the hospital in Newport Beach, California where he has remained on life support since.

Earlier this week various reliable sources incorrectly reported on Del Rosario’s passing, he fights on bravely although things weren’t looking good as he was showing no brain signals. The family had stated that they would remove Del Rosario from life support on Friday morning, but the good news is that time has passed and Shane is still with us.

Amidst the confusion and media storm, SDR battles like a true warrior and his coach Colin Oyama had this to say via his Facebook page:

"Start praying people cause we got a shot!"


Shane Del Rosario was taken off the life support that was keeping him alive this weekend, and actually started to show brain activity; even squeezing his mother's hand. The news comes as a welcome change considering the media storm surrounding this story. Del Rosario's friend Erik Apple spoke with, confirming that Del Rosario is now breathing for himself:

"All of these are positive signs. However, we just have to be patient and wait,These are not definitive signs. They could mean something, or they could mean nothing.”

You can do it Shane, we here at LowKick believe in you


Whatever the cause, we pray for Shane Del Rosario, his family and friends in such a terribly dark time in their lives. I’ll keep you updated as any news comes in.