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Seven Most Pointless Interim Title Bouts In UFC History

Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

5. Robert Whittaker vs. Yoel Romero – UFC 213

This wouldn’t be a pointless title fight if it were for the actual middleweight belt, but to call the winner of this fight the interim champ is criminal.

Michael Bisping winning the 185-pound belt was novel at first, but his title reign has been a joke ever since. A rematch with the then-number 14-ranked Dan Henderson did nothing for the division, which was ripe with contenders in Jacare Souza and Romero at the time.

The Georges St-Pierre entered the middleweight picture to the surprise and dismay of every top-ranked 185-pounder in the UFC. Injuries kept Bisping vs. GSP shelved for a while, which is why the UFC opted to have Whittaker and Romero fight for an interim belt at UFC 213 in July. Whittaker won, but injured his knee seriously in the process.

So then, almost immediately after, the UFC announced Bisping and GSP would finally throw down in November, rendering the interim belt completely pointless.

GSP, a career welterweight, had no business even being in the middleweight title conversation. If Bisping was good to go in November, then Romero or Whittaker should not have fought in July; one of them could have clearly waited the few months to fight for the actual belt in November.

It just made zero sense. The interim champion will not be fighting the actual champion in his next fight.

What a waste of gold.

  • Draven

    Frank Mir vs Shane Carwin wasn’t pointless. Mir was still a top heavyweight contender at the time and Carwin eventually got his title shot. Interim titles aren’t meant to mean all that much to begin with.

  • JamesC

    To me Kevin lee v Ferg and Romero vs Whittaker are truly the most pointless. The point of interim is to move the division ny assuring the winner a title fight. If the champ,can’t defend interim becomes the real champ. In these two cases the interim is like the JV belt. The winner just isn’t getting a shot at the champ. …maybe ever.