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Sergio Pettis: When I’m At Full Potential I’m Dangerous


Sergio Pettis joins the UFC with an impressive record of 9-0 and an older brother who is currently in charge of the 155 lb. division. Following his first round submission win at NAFC : Battle in the Ballroom,  it was revealed that Pettis would make his debut against travelled Bantamweight Vaughn Lee.

The younger Pettis certainly has a lot to live up to, if his brother’s talents are anything to go by. Sergio spoke with Fightersonlymag.com to give his take on his November debut:

“Vaughn Lee is going to see me at my full potential. I have a lot to prove to the division, to the world, and to myself. When I’m at my full potential, I’m dangerous.”

Anthony Pettis is known for his crazy, acrobatic moves; moves that have seen Showtime finish Joe Lauzon, Donald Cerrone, and Benson Henderson consecutively. SP claims to have a different style to his sibling:

“I’m different from my brother. I’d say I’m more technical, and don’t do as many flashy moves, but I will still finish fights just like my brother. Regardless, I’m very grateful for this opportunity, and I will not disappoint the fans on November 16th,” he says.

If he is able to impress in his debut, there is no reason why Pettis couldn’t take his spotless record on towards a title shot at Bantamweight. How interesting would it be to see two brothers running two weight divisions?

Check out Sergio Pettis’ final fight before the UFC snatched him up, courtesy of Combat Corner Professional and decide if you think he will be a force. 

  • Seems pretty slick on the bottom, didn't get a chance to see his stand up much, but word out of that camp is that it is very similar to his brothers'. Will definitely check out his debut

    • Similar in the sense that they both have good awareness, solid footwork and sound technique/mechanics (it's hard for anyone to match Anthony's overall flash)

      • If anyone can do it it'd be little Sergio, he's got the same frame, same training and he's smaller and probably faster/more agile. I'm excited for his debut, I don't expect him to go very far right away but in time he'll be a monster. His bottom activity was nuts and it paid off.

  • Yea, I cant make that decision from what I just saw. This vid showed zero striking. Both seem to have a solid ground game though.

  • Lot of guys o the top of the food chain in the bantamweight division though.