Scott Jorgensen Wants Rematch With Jussier da Silva After UFC Fight Night...

Scott Jorgensen Wants Rematch With Jussier da Silva After UFC Fight Night 38 ‘Headbutt’ Loss


This past weekend in Natal, Brazil, Scott Jorgensen took on Jussier da Silva, and in an effort to put his flyweight career on track. Coming into the match Jorgensen was on a two fight losing streak and in need of a win.

However, the bout did not go according to plan, or at least not for Jorgensen.

Looking good in the first few minutes of round one, Jorgensen was never in any danger and was easily holding his own the fight. Sadly, as the third minute of the round approached Jorgensen and Silva collided heads, and with it, Silva went down. Shortly after that, Jorgensen had his back taken and was summarily choked out.

As Jorgensen sees it, what happened to him was akin to an illegal groin kick and as such, the fighter believes the bout and its record – his loss – should be overturned, and the fight rescheduled.  

As Jorgensen put it:

“It’s no different than getting kicked in the nuts. It’s the same thing.”

“I hit him with absolutely everything I threw. He could not hit me. I defended every takedown he tried on me. He jumps in, clips me with a headbutt, I drop and wake up in a rear-named choke. That’s the fight. It’s b******t. I’m pissed. I don’t think it was intentional but accidental or not, it dropped me. He couldn’t hit me before that. He couldn’t hit me with his hands. I’d love to see it overturned to a no contest and I want a rematch.”

As to whether or not the fight will be overturned or whether or not there are any grounds for it, is anyone’s guess. However, Jorgensen does have a point.

The two fighter’s heads did collide. There is no doubt. But is it the same thing as an illegal groin strike?

With a headbutt both fighters are impacted, where in a groin strike only one fighter is affected. As such, an easy view of a headbutt might simply be that each fighter gets what they get, and that’s all there is to it; let the chips fall where they may, as it were.

The simple fact of the matter is that for as frustrating as it might be for Jorgensen in terms of the headbutt, there’s probably precious little that can or will be done about it. And that any dreams he may entertain regarding his loss being overturned is probably a wishful thinking.

However, if Jorgensen can make a strong enough case before the UFC brass he may be able to get a rematch with Silva, and at least that way, he could avenge the loss and set the record straight. Sadly for Jorgensen, a rematch with the Brazilian and not an overturning of his loss to him, might be the only satisfaction that Jorgensen ever gets on the matter. 

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  • Zip

    Scott, Really? You're a tough guy but you were knocked silly, then choked. Live with it.

    • SpaceJam

      He was headbutted in the face, which rocked him, causing him to give up his back. It was a illegal strike, just like a groin strike or a elbow to the spine, Live with it? This is his fucking career that provides food for his children and he trains very hard on a daily basis and he is suppose to just move on?

      • DeadlyIntentions93

        Knocked silly? lmfao Da silva just lunged at him for a clinch or something he wasn't even throwing a punch.

        • Warcrazed

          you are retardedly ignorant to what a headbutt feels like.. have you ever even sparred?
          It's not like a hand hitting your face where theres give in the bones. I.e. take ur hand hit a hard surface, its delicate and u cant hit as hard. Now take your head, which encases your brain (well apparently only for some of us that have one) now hit the wall with it.. its solid dense bone. Theres a reason headbutts are illegal…

          • Zip

            War, hit your head lately?

      • Zip

        @Space.. The 'It's for the children" approach is a bit dramatic. Perhaps he should have thought of that before dropping five of his last six fights.

        • SpaceJam

          So that would make this loss even more dramatic in providing for his family if he has lost his last 5 of 6…You obviously have no idea about this sport and the only knowledge you have is from your couch at home, which is fuck all. How in the fuck is providing for your family a bit dramatic? Its fucking true you Moron…..

  • highkick12

    Just watched it again and ya he gets a huge lunging head butt that drops him. He's making a good case.