Diego “The Dream” Sanchez has taken to his twitter account and made his thoughts known, regarding his feelings about 2 very important upcoming bouts in the welterweight division.

Diego is whole heartedly rooting for Johnny Hendricks to beat GSP and for Jake Ellenberger to defeat Rory MacDonald.

One can only speculate as to why, but if we were to speculate, it might be reasonable to deduce, at least in terms of GSP, that there could be some long-standing bitterness on the behalf of the Dream towards Rush and dating all the way back to St. Pierre joining Greg Jackson’s camp and Sanchez’s feeling slighted, that the 170 pound champion was brought in. It could also well be (simply) that he’d like to see the champs success derailed.

In terms of Ellenberger, it might well be that he wants MacDonald crushed so that he can seek a re-match with “The Juggernaut” and avenge his 2012 decision loss, to him. Then again, perhaps the 31 year old Diego is miffed with the success that the 23 year old MacDonald has had in the UFC and wants him too, handed a defeat and knocked out of contender status.

Either way, the division obviating Sanchez is making his (currently fighting at 155) sentiments public.

However and regardless and as a big Diego Sanchez fan, he has bigger problems to worry about other than the goings-on in the 170 division this summer and fall. The Dream must square-off against Gilbert Melendez on October 19th (UFC 166) and that's not going to be an easy fight. "El Nino" could well be the best fighter Sanchez has ever faced and most certainly, the best 155’er he’s ever faced, with the (possible) exception of BJ Penn.

Diego is a great fighter and fighter’s speaking their minds is always great for the fans, but for the time being he should keep his focus on Melendez and off of the 170 division. Maybe even more to the point, Diego needs to pick a division and stick with it. The division I hope he ends up sticking with is 155 and not 170. He can be a force in that division, but I don’t see him being able to hang with the best of 170 and that includes the 2 guys that he wants to see loose over the next few months.

I wish the best of luck to him in his upcoming bout and should he beat Melendez, he should be in the mix for a title shot.