According to Brazilian news outlet “Globo” ticket sales for UFC 162 are not doing well and the event has only sold 25% of the tickets available.

Wrestling and MMA journalist Dave Meltzer seems to be throwing cold water on that idea, though. Via his “Twitter” account, Meltzer has stated that he believes the card is on pace to do better than the last two UFC shows held at the MGM grand, which would be UFC 160 (Velasquez / Bigfoot 2) and UFC 155  (Velasquez / JDS 2).

Personally, I would find it hard to believe that this fight would not be a sell-out event. Not only is it the first title defense of the middleweight bout in a year, but it is also (by all accounts) a fight that caries with it serious threat (Chris Weidman) to Anderson Silva’s belt.

Weidman is as convinced that he will beat the Champion, as the Champion is convinced that he will retain his belt. This is a classic case of an unstoppable force meeting an immovable object. How could UFC fans resist this bout? Impossible, would be my answer.

As a re-match bout has already been guaranteed by Dana White and assured by Chris Weidman should Silva lose, the table seems to be have been set for the Champ’s possible loss. The importance of that should not be lost on anyone, as there has never been any talk of re-matches in the past for Silva previous to one of his fights, as it’s generally been a foregone conclusion that he would always win. Apparently, that is not the case for UFC 162. Even the boss seems to be preparing himself for the possibility of a new champ at 185.

We shall all get to see come Saturday night and to, what I am sure will be, a full house.