When it was announced that longtime UFC competitor Rousimar Palhares was released following his late release of a heel hook that forced Mike Pierce to tap at last night’s UFC Fight Night 29, not many were surprised. After all, Palhares was denied the submission of the night for a move that would have been spectacular had he played by the rules.

It wasn’t the first time that “Toquinho” had put his opponents in harm’s way, and with a dangerous arsenal of leglocks being his main weapon, there’s no  room for error there. Dana White had simply seen enough.

Palhares’ manager Alex Davis met up with MMA Fighting today to address the situation, detailing the myriad of emotions present:

"He's perplexed. He doesn't really grasp it. He doesn't really understand that he's doing something overly wrong. He doesn't get it. It's very sad for me," Davis said. "I understand the UFC's perspective. They have to do what's in their best interest. I get Dana White's perspective. I think it was a bit radical, but [Palhares] has done this before. First of all, we're going to figure out what the problem is. This kid is not a mean kid. Everyone who is with him loves him to pieces. We're going to try to figure out why this happens. Why does this kid do this [expletive]? Why doesn't he just stop?"

It’s definitely unfortunate if Palhares truly doesn’t believe that he’s done anything wrong by tweaking career-threatening hold after his opponents have already given up. He may not actually want to hurt his opponents, but the fact remains they re in danger in that situation.

Davis seems to think Palhares has some kind of problem that needs addressing, so if that’s the case, hopefully gets the help he needs. However, his next fight will be in another promotion as last night’s antics got him banned for life. Is Palhares fully to blame for his indiscretion, or should he be forgiven somewhat?

Outer Photo: Jason Silva for USA Today Sports