This week at the UFC fan expo in Vegas, Women’s UFC bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey was asked the following question:

“If there was any guy you could fight in the UFC, who would it be?”

In answering, the female champion wasted no time and pondered not, she simply stated:

“Everyone knows I would love to beat-up Bryan Caraway”

For those that don’t know, Caraway initiated the smack talk war back in 2012 when he took to his twitter account and declared all of the following:

That Ronda was an “unintelligent bimbo…and if she wants to challenge a man I'll knock her teeth down her throat the (n) break her arm!”

That if she’s “gonna talk smack she needs to know her place” and that she’s “not a women. She gonna act like a dude she can deal w the consequences.”

All of this was post-facto of “"Rowdy" arm-barring Caraway’s girlfriend, Meisha Tate and subsequently, taking home the women’s Strikeforce bantamweight title.

Call it childish, un-sportsman-like, call it a heat-of-the-moment reaction to a loss and a boyfriend sticking up for his girlfriend, whatever, either way it was foolish and ill-advised, but none-the-less it is out there and Rousey hasn’t forgotten it.

The situation is even further compounded by the fact that Rousey and Tate are both coaches on this season of TUF and that Caraway is on the show as one of Tate’s coaches. This by itself could well be worth giving TUF a view this season.

However, let’s put the subject of their fighting to debate.

If Rousey is serious, should she be able to seek a match with “Kid Lightening”?

Rousey believes, that “with enough technique you can overtake any kind of size...but I personally think I can beat up anybody in the world, but I might get hurt against some people in the process. So, you know, it’s riskier the bigger a person is, but it’s always possible with good technique.”

As she is a master of technique and their frames are of relative size (Rousey is 5’ 6” / 135 & Caraway 5’9” / 135) and both are of similar age (26 & 28 respectively) and given the fact that the champ has a bee in her bonnet about Kid Lightening, why not let her have her fight?

The worst that could happen to her is that she could get KO’d or submitted and she already faces that issue in the Octagon. Of course, it’s a different kettle of fish for Caraway, who would look really bad if, dare I use the cliché, he lost to a girl.

On the subject of women’s fighting as a whole, I know one thing to be true and that is this, that women have come a long way in the martial arts and they now produce fighters who are the equal of many men and that perhaps, it’s not beyond the realm of reason that a fighter of Rousey’s caliber might want to test her talents against that of a man; particularly one that she has a (legitimate) grievance with and one who happens to be in her weight-class.

So, does she have a right to defend her honor against a male fighter of equal size and to the larger question, should women be allowed to compete with men who are of an equal size?